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Big Scale Projects

Office / Retail

This requires an on-site visit and detailed analysis of your home. The consultant will first consider all environmental and external aspects of the immediate surroundings of your house.

Moving into the home, readings from different parts of the house will be taken. From here, charts and calculations will be followed with a formulated process of determining the energy flows within the house.

Recommendations will be made with tested Feng Shui systems for balancing elements by locations, directions, positioning and adjustments of certain fittings and furnitures, and by employing colors (if neccessary). No major renovation works are involved unless requested by the client.

This service will also include auspicious date selection for starting of renovation and moving-in. The consultation shall be finalized with a review visit on-site after the client has moved and settled into the premise.

If you are keen to seek our consultation, here are some preparations and information that you will need to take note of:

  • Have your floor plan and site plan (if available) ready
  • Get ready names, birth dates and time (western calendar), gender of all occupants
  • An appointment will be set up for the audit
  • Be ready to spend 1.5 to 2 hours on-site for our consultant to walk you through a detailed audit of your home

Rates for Residential On-Site Audit Package

  • 3 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 600 sq ft: S$1,000.00
  • 4 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 900 sq ft: S$1,400.00
  • 5 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 1,200 sq ft: S$1,800.00
  • Executive Apartments/Maisonett and Condominiums up to 1,500 sq ft: S$2,200.00
  • Landed single-storey (land area up to 2,000 sq ft): S$2,400.00
  • Landed double-storey (land area up to 3,000 sq ft): S$3,000.00
  • Landed triple-storey (land area up to 4,000 sq ft): S$4,800.00

If your home size is not listed here, do contact us for a quote.

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