Six Emperors Coins – 2019


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Year of the Pig – Six Emperors’ Coins


The Earth Pig Year will lead to optimism and financial prospects if you protect the areas that need attention.

The Southwest sector of your home and office is afflicted with the Five Yellow Misfortune Star (五黄). This also means that mature females are adversely affected.

A clash in the Northwest, which affected the males and the head of the family are negatively hit by the Fire Star. It can cause issues relating to the head and heart.

If the Northeast which is visited by the Sickness Start (二黑) is a bedroom, avoid recuperation there especially for boys.

The 2019 Six Emperors’ Coin are specially empowered with the Mystic Knot and the Verses of the Great Compassion. Besides providing the necessary protection, they also act to enhance success and fortune.

The traditional and proved protection practiced 2,000 years ago is to hang a pair of the current year’s Six Emperors’ Coins by the window ends of each of the the affected sectors’ rooms at home and in the office.


Home / Office. Southwest, Northwest and Northeast sectors.

Product information

Material: Embroidery and Metal coins
Dimensions: 280mm x 50mm
Product Weight: 50 g

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