Grand Ancient Pixiu (Side View)Grand Ancient Pixiu (Side View)

Grand Ancient Pixiu Pair

Year of the Water Snake is fraught with dangers from ‘within’ because Southeast is the palace of the Grand Duke Tai-Sui. … Read more
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The Pi Xiu is meant to ‘appease’ the Grand Duke Jupiter or ‘Tai-Sui’. This means that there are threats of illnesses, financial woes and disharmony build up at the home and the office. Grand Ancient PI-XIU Pair is the perfect solution in preventing these negative energies. Place this pair in the Tai-Sui sector (SE in 2013, South in 2014) or facing the entrance or the window for protection, at the same time drawing wealth from externally.

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For 2013, place either in the Southeast Sector for suppression or near the main entrance looking out.


Material: Metal Alloy with Swarvoski Crystals
Finish: Antique
Dimensions: 80 mm x 40 mm x 70 mm (each piece)
Product Weight: 0.33 kg (each piece)
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