Pair of Protection Pixiu

Pair of Protection Pixiu

Powerful energies from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Tsui) are said to adversely affect horoscopes of Snake, Pig, Monkey, Ox and Rooster in 2013. … Read more
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People born in the years of Snake, Pig, Monkey, Tiger, Ox and Rooster are said to be in conflict with the Tai Sui. Besides alleviating potential hurdles, the Pi-Xiu attracts good fortune, prosperity, opportunities and noble help for its owners. It is also suitable for other zodiacs to benefits the good attributes.
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This pair will be string together with the Chinese knots. Carry with you or hang in a place that you spend more time in.

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Material: Glazed Crystal - Liu Li (琉璃)
140 x 35 x 12 mm
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