Wealth Bowls & Vases

Wealth Bowls & Vases

Inseparable from homes of great fortune and continuous wealth are its Weatlh Vases. The secret of Wealth Vases originated from officials of the Imperial Courts who stashed their fortunes in Vases so as to keep them out of sight. Passed down through the generations, Wealth Vases found its way to modern homes who aspire vast fortunes and succession plans for the next generation.

It is believed that this practice was found to have been so successful amongst some of Chinese greatest and wealthiest families that it is now emulated in every household. The best time to consecrate a Wealth Vase is the Twelveth Moon of the Lunar Calendar and by far the most effective and powerful remains the Cardinal Guardians Wealth Vase.

While the Wealth Vase is to be stashed out of sight, the wlcoming sight of the Wealth Bowl is a natural magnet for immense good luck. In 2010, where the Prosperity Star flies in, the centre of each home accentuates all the possible money luck a family can invite. The Descendants of Abundance is the perfect answer to your wealth enhancement.

3 Boys Pot of Gold

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Maximum Windfalls

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