Mantra Ring (Red)Mantra Ring (Red)

Mantra Ring (Red)

The Red sacred mantra embraces you and put you on the path of protection... … Read more
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The Mantra Ring is inscribed with the powerful incantations of protection and concentration. Wearing the Mantra Ring offers you the protection on the move while at the same time brings you the good fortune that accompanies the owner when the mind is synced to success.

Red is for overcoming obstacles and hindrances.
The Red sacred mantra embraces you and put you on the path of protection. You may rely on this sacred mantra to lead you away from imminent dangers such as bodily harm while providing that extra boost to your confidence. This mantra also connects you closer to humanity and paves the way for your empathy and understanding of the universe of love. Wear this Mantra to put you on the road to success when you are trying to achieve a difficult task.
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Wear it as a ring on any finger or a pendant

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Material: Stainless Steel (chain included)
In-laid with enamel, Polished & Colored
20mm (inside diameter)
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0.016 kg
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