Noble Snake

Noble Snake

新高尚福贵生肖系列 - 蛇 The Noble Zodiacs are symbols of authority carrying with them the benefits of good fortune. … Read more
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The Noble Zodiacs are symbols of authority carrying with them the benefits of good fortune.
Designed as a seal, each individual zodiac is encrypted with a character of 'Fortune' on the base in a hundred different styles.
Used as a 'Three Harmony', it will generate the immense wealth and abudance for its owner while activating it with the 'Six Harmony' brings you the necessary connections and network.

Each picture with the background depicts the season of the zodiac.

Three Harmony for the Snake (三合)- Snake, Ox, Rooster

Six Harmony for the Snake (六合) - SnakeMonkey

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Together with the Ox, Rooster (Allies) and Monkey (Noble Help), this powerful combination brings you authority, sparks of genius and dedication towards success. Best results derived from having all three on your work desk, study and living room.

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Material: Pottery with Celadon
 Polished and Matt Combination
 50 x 50 x 115 mm
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