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Continuous Advancement

连连高升 Inspiring intelligence, perseverance and motivation, Continuous Advancement portrays a journey to pure accomplishment. … Read more
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Continuous Advancement 连连高升


Expressed in finest artistic details and quality Liu Li (琉璃), this piece of beautiful art inspires intelligence, perseverance and motivation. Continuous Advancement also portrays a journey to pure accomplishment by the lotus flower growing upwards with the 3-dimensional steps. A fitting compliment to those on their way up their career, it motivates one to the top with a ground display of flawless realization of dreams and goals.
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Best in Living or Study room / Work desk/ Office

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Material: Glazed Crystal - Liu Li (琉璃)
Finish: Polished & Matt Combination
Dimensions: 64 x 64 x 131 mm
Product Weight: 0.89 kg
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