Imperial Rabbit

皇族生肖系列 - 兔 Observant & peaceful, Rabbits are romantics at heart. … Read more
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Imperial Rabbit 皇族生肖系列 - 兔

Observant & peaceful, Rabbits are romantics at heart. You find soulmates in Goats who share your vision of a world filled with love & understanding but it takes the Pig to provide some real life senses. Dogs provide support and moral help in times of trouble. Rabbits excel in mediation and are treasured for their impartiality.
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Together with the Goat, Pig (Allies) and Dog (Noble Help), this powerful combination brings you serenity, streaks of success and relationships to cherish. Best results derived from having all three on your work desk, study and living room.
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Material: Metal Alloy
Finish: Antique Silver-Plated
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 71mm
Product Weight: 0.292 kg
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