Imperial Tiger

皇族生肖系列 - 虎 Brave & opportunistic, Tigers are attention grabbers. … Read more
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Imperial Tiger 皇族生肖系列 - 虎


Brave & opportunistic, Tigers are attention grabbers. You can be the best of pals with the Horse who will rouse you up with activities and the Dog can teach you with lessons on loyalty and friendship. The Pig is your noble help and you will do well in their company because you will be amazed at the good fortune Pigs bring you.
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Together with the Horse, Dog (Allies) and Pig (Noble Help), this powerful combination brings you momentum, enhances your network and a general feel of good fortune. Best results derived from having all three on your work desk, study and living room.

Product Information

Material: Metal Alloy
Finish: Antique Silver-Plated
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 67 mm
Product Weight: 0.298 kg
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