Benefits of FENG SHUI

FENG SHUI balances one’s life and helps in achieving harmony within our homes and working spaces. It further suppresses negative energies and enhances positive QI (pronounced chi) leading to improved relationships, health, prosperity and overall well-being into our lives.


Below are some tested approaches for you to benefit from good FENG SHUI which can be effectively enhanced with the good aesthetics of colors, materials, lights and decors.


Using the simple approach of the Eight Mansions Theory, one will be able to tap his most favorable direction for enhancing friendship, love, romance, understanding, business partnership and mentor luck


With the help of the permutation of the Flying Stars mode, one can easily identify the afflicted areas within a home & cure it with simple applications of symbolic and elemental representations


The spectacular combination of one’s four pillars of destiny together with the Trinity of Luck spells results. When assigned to the good FENG SHUI of a person’s home and working space, money luck and prosperity can be activated with precision by moving water


Prevention of office politics and gaining support can be easily achieved with the help of symbolic FENG SHUI. The act of adorning one’s desk with symbolism is as powerful as the secrets to the success of the world’s richest men and as fashionable as the offices of the CEOs of the top conglomerates in the world.


The simple act of assigning a space within a home can make the difference between success and failure with the use of the San Yuan method. Directing a person to face, sit and sleep in a certain location and direction is akin to tapping his academic stardom. Enhancing the Northeast with a cluster of Earth energies is one way.

Guan Gong 关公


HOFS_GuanGongGuan-Di or Guan-Yu is one of two sworn brothers of Emperor Liu-Bei during the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265 CE).

Symbolizing absolute righteousness, loyalty & dignity, Guan-Gong as he’s affectionately known was well loved as the protector of honest commoners and businesses who encourages growth & prosperity.

No demon or evil spirits would venture close to a place where Guan-Gong ‘resides’ for fear of instant expulsion to the realms of hell. Anyone making a false statement or ill intentioned promises will be meted with a life of bad karma for such treachery.

Such is the esteem held in honor of Guan-Gong that he is often depicted to uphold justice and power over evil regardless of status & influence.

Guan-Gong is remembered on his birthday, the 13th day of the fifth Lunar Month and is often revered both at home & in offices as the guardian against negative energies, malicious competition & vile characters.

Tai-Tsui 太岁


Pixiu Tai-Tsui (太岁) is a personification of the ruling year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Scientifically calculated against Jupiter’s orbital movement, this system revolves around a matrix of combinations pegged to the terrestrial stems (5 elements) & the earthly branches (12 zodiac). Traditionally, a pair of Pi-Xiu is installed to ‘appease’ Tai-Tsui with the double effect of inviting wealth.

According to the Institute of Theoretical Science, the Earth’s circular orbits viewed from the North around the Sun is similar to Jupiter’s on the same plane. While it takes a year for the Earth to go round the Sun, Jupiter takes twelve. This combination takes on a 60 year rotation & is aptly named the Grand Duke Jupiter.

From historical & astrological computations, the ruling year will invariably affect those crossing the path of this movement which is known to influence one’s fortune (or misfortune) for the year.

In 2010, the palace of the Grand Duke Jupiter is in the North-east (37.5 degrees to 52.5 degrees). One is thus advised against carrying out renovations for fear of ‘disturbing the earth’ instead of keeping the peace.

Several zodiacs are said to be in conflict and are advised to consult your neighborhood temples for advice while an equally respectful method is to observe a day of abstinence on his arrival & anniversary. Additionally, a symbolic pair of Pi-Xiu can be carried by the affected Zodiacs to the same effect of 'appeasing' the Tai-Tsui.

4th February 2010 at 0648 hours is the officiating time of the Grand Duke Jupiter’s arrival while 28th August 2010 marks his birthday.                        

Profile Yourself for the Right Job through BAZI (八字)

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Knowing and understanding one’s Four Pillars of Destiny puts you right ahead of the competition.read on before you jump into conclusions; it is not purely governed by your year of birth. It is not as simple as being advised that folks born Dragons could take on a CEO’s job or that a Rat is best suited for graveyard shifts.

Your BAZI chart is derived from two elements each out of the four pillars that constitute your year, month, day and time of birth. This results in the cosmic energies that are prevalent and is unique to you.

BAZI recognizes energies represented through the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. As a result, these elements are then translated into the influences and interaction of your Wealth, Relationships, Health, Career, Character and much more. These five elements are further defined into polarities of YIN and YANG energies.

To understand and profile your character to fit a job that will propel you for advancement and enjoy at the same time, the first step is to understand what your Day Master or the day stem of your chart. This element will clearly define your potential which you can skew towards as well as your negative traits which you should make an effort to suppress.

yangfirewoodA YANG Wood person for example is straightforward, independent and determined. The downside to his inclinations would be rigid, tactless and conservative. Structured organizations where processes are required to see results would suit such a personality.

 A YANG Fire person is gregarious, spontaneous and sociable. They are, however, equally predictable and may be distant. They easily qualify for jobs that are of mass appeal as their sincerity, passion and generosity are magnets for success. Bill Gates is the sterling example of a YANG Fire person.

YIN Earth is full of ideas and resources. They are like the soil that provides growth of crops. Thus, they are generally soft and sensitive in their approach. They are usually looked upon as nurturing and kind yet unable to express their inner self. Barrack Obama is YIN Earth. A job that calls for teamwork is best.

Think of altruism, principles and resilience, you will end up with a YANG Metal personality. They are tough, hardworking and can withstand hardship. Action oriented, they will opt for relationships that are direct, straight-forward and without hidden agenda. Such people will fit into the military or an organization that thrives on strict rules and policies.

YIN Water personalities are intellectuals with the soft approaches. Martha Stewart is one example. They are creative and excel in communications. Intuitive with a quick wit, these folks are penetrating in their ideas and thoughts. However, they can be equally distracted, fickle and indecisive.

You will see that by way of this basic approach, much can be said of the compatibility between you and the kind of work that you seek. Perhaps you may have not noticed it till now, but have you wondered why certain positions are so elusive? With this understanding, you will be focusing and spending quality time in landing with the job that will provide you the right opportunities for your potentials.

The Wonders of Agar-wood


Much has been said of this prized commodity which has recently crept into Feng Shui usage. Known in many places by different names, the aroma and its health benefits are the main attributes. Popularly called ‘Chen-Xiang’ (沉香)in China and Southeast Asia and ‘Jin-Ko’ in Japan, Agar-Wood alludes itself to its sinking property through the high density within the wood itself.

Native to the Aquilaria specimen, only eight are known to produce Agar-Wood and they can be found in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

How Agar-wood is formed

For all the demand and mysterious abilities of Agar-Wood, their origin starts with the ‘affliction’ of the Aquilaria tree. This affliction could be the cause of lightning, rapid thunderstorms, natural erosion, animals migration and human intervention. 


Once this tree is ‘damaged’, a resin starts forming within the wood and cultivates a period of self-preservation, sometimes under the waters in the marshes.

The resin-embedded wood is commonly called ‘gaharu’, ‘jinko’, ‘aloeswood’ or ‘oud’ from which their extracts are valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance, and thus used for incense and perfumes. One of the reasons for the relative rarity and high cost of Agar-wood is the depletion of the wild resource.

The fragrance of Agar-wood can be described as intriguing and pleasant, with few or no similar natural analogues. As a result, Agar-wood and its essential oil gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world, being mentioned throughout some of the world's oldest written texts.

Properties of Agar-wood

It is said the unique ability of the Agar-wood is to gently touch your body, invigorate your mind, purify your spirit and calm your soul. Traditional Chinese medicine is known to use powdered Agar-wood as a treatment for cirrhosis of the liver. Agar-wood is aphrodisiac, thus often used as a cleansing agent of the body organs and boost one’s energy. The diaphoretic property of the wood qualifies it as an effective detoxification agent.

Benefitting from Agar-wood

Indisputably pervasive, the aroma of Agar-wood can be described as rich and sentimental, sometimes balsamic and at times vanilla-like sweet. As such, they are extensively used as a ‘protective shield’ against negative energies. Where a space is sometimes ‘afflicted’ the use of Agar-wood is often used to maximum impact as a cure. This could be at home or in the office.

couple_sleepingInsomnia, hyper-activity, disturbed sleep and difficulties in winding down could be easily solved with a small chip of Agar-wood no bigger than 2cm in a special burner in your bedroom. Children unable to focus will also benefit.The most beneficial use of Agar-wood remains its health returns and healing properties. Its holistic approach towards healing, improving mental capacity, calming of minds, meditative assistance and clearing mental blocks have been proven over the centuries.

The inexpensive way to start seeing the positive benefits for yourself is to activate your ‘Tian Yi’ (天医)or the ‘Heavenly Doctor’ sector (for good health) of your bedroom or your home.

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