The Yin Virtue Star


 The Yin Virtue Star (阴德) has a very special place in Chinese culture.

When one is seen to have committed an unkind act such as cursing another or talking behind a person’s back, he or she will be advised to ‘cultivate’ the Yin Virtue (积阴德) . This very act alone is so synonymous with making amends of one’s mistakes that it is believed the presence of the Yin Virtue Star will alleviate one’s repercussions for his misdeeds.  

Praying‘Cultivating’ the Yin Virtue thus evolved into a well kept secret for those who are informed of their precision on certain dates and time for turning around a negative energy into positive. 

For example, if one has unwittingly hurt another or cause pain to a competitor and later realized that it had been malicious or over-done, making use of the presence of the Yin Virtue and reversing that deed with something positive is said to gain the offender some merit points.

Yin Virtue days are thus the best opportunities for one to ‘consolidate’ one’s mistakes for repentant. If you feel you have wrongly accused someone, made life miserable for another or cause discomfort of a loved one, knowing or unknowingly, watch out for the Yin Virtue Star days to make amends. 

These days are therefore best for peaceful get-together, ‘settlement’ dinners, asking for truce and if your cause of problems are too big for mortal settlement, then this is a great day for prayers. Yin Virtue days are believed to provide you the purest connection between your requests and your answers. 

As part of your New Year resolutions, a new beginning or simply a self-renewal, visit or Face Book to choose your appropriate dates and time to benefit from this excellent energy which will prepare you for a smooth 2012.

The Year of the Water Dragon Officially Begins



HOFS wishes you success and happiness this Lunar New Year. As we cross over to the year of the Water Dragon on 4th February (立春) exactly 24 minutes past six in the evening, we shall officially welcome the Dragon into our lives.  

In the course of our talks, we have introduced to our audience the impact the year will have on the respective zodiac signs. This takes into account the year that one is born and will affect their social impact favorably or not, depending on the year they are born. Generally this means that the effect of the year shall bear influences on the people you will meet without vested interest, acquaintances and friends from afar who are not related and the occasional long-distance cousin who pops by once every two years. At work, they probably form the prospects or clients who touch and go after the deals.

Since this is the Dragon year, the Dog is said to ‘confront Tai-Sui’ while the Dragon ‘disturbs the peace of the ruling palace’. The Ox and the Goat are also said to ‘offend the ruling year’ making all four ‘Earth’ zodiacs to be adversely affected this year.

12_ZodiacPeople born in Dog years are believed to bear the brunt. However, if this is just the year that you are born in, then anything negative about this will likely to be changes relating to friends and general outlook in life. Movements are also possible, meaning you could experience shifting of homes, offices, jobs and preferences. Besides, people who are born in October (Dog month) will thus go through these challenges at work while those born between 7pm and 9pm shall bring about changes in habits.

In addition, the Ox is also said to have a ‘destruction’ relationship with the Dragon year. Thus, Ox folks will have to watch out for unfavorable outcomes and discomfort of dealing with people who do not form the ‘inner circles’ Confrontation and disagreement leading to a net loss in outcomes are to be expected.

Should you have a Rabbit in the year or are born in March and between the hours of 5am and 7am, the Dragon year is said to ‘harm’ you. This manifests into certain losses and may translate into robbery or theft if it is the year. If it is the affected hours, a scam or internal scheme to fleece you of your hard earned money exists. My advice is – avoid falling prey to sob stories and give out loans out of sympathy.

Roosters will do extremely well in attracting harmony that will result in money and wealth. The way to further enhance this is to invite the Golden Carriage of Wealth into your office or study desk this year. Pigs are superlative in their quest for abundance and relationships. To start 2012 right from the start, have the Pot of Gold in your living room area to invite the necessary. 

Do you have a Dragon, Dog, Ox or Goat in your chart? Then, carry the Tai-Sui Protection Amulet that will provide the required protection in all you do. 

Tigers and Horses may find their hopes and aspirations dimmed and should do things that will spur them into bursts of enthusiasm or be in the company of optimistic and crowded places. They can also invite the pair Forward Horse and the Upward Horse to ensure continuing success.

Rats and Monkey are expected to do well and may bring about better results with the introduction of the Ascending Dragon into their work places for added vitality this year.

Snakes should not speculate nor gamble and must avoid being intoxicated by alcohol, especially at night while Rabbits should not venture alone at night for fear of assaults and robbery.

As a gentle reminder, one should always protect the Southeast sector of the home and office by keeping it peaceful and free from vigorous activities. As an added precaution, display the RUYI Dragon Head Tortoise as the vital remedy against the deadly Five Yellow energies that lead to misfortunes and losses.

Qing Ming (清明)– A Day of Remembrance and Looking Forward


4th April 2012 at 7 minutes past 5pm marks the start of the Qing Ming Festival. This deeply entrenched Chinese cultural heritage is an event to pay respects, cherish and honor loved ones who have departed.

Dating back 732 AD, the observance of this day is for all to visit and clean up the resting place of those who have left us. Besides the food, tea and sacrificial offerings, Qing Ming also brings one the unique opportunity to connect and plan ahead for the year.

After all, Qing Ming is also symbolic of the rebirth of nature. The fifth seasonal meridian and the 104th day after the Winter Solstice of the Chinese Solar Calendar, Qing Ming heralds the rise of temperature, increase rainfall, spring sowing and a time for looking ahead. 

While it is practiced as a somber occasion, Qing Ming is celebrated equally as a time to embrace the warmth of spring and celebrate the gathering of family and friends. The very essence of this day is one that is ‘clear and bright’.

Perhaps, none captures it better than the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu (杜牧) who pens the evergreen mood of this day.


'A drizzle randomly falls as if it is tears on a Day of Remembrance
Travelers on their way heave as their souls embrace the musky spring
Where is there a wine place that I can place my sorrow and hopes?
The Cowherd casually points to the direction of the Village of the Apricots'. 









Life in Singapore remains one of the best options for many around the world as it develops into a safe, world-class metropolis where opportunities are unrivaled.


Guarded from natural disasters, it is further enhanced by its geo-political position as compared to many countries in Asia. Geographically surrounded by the large plains in Malaysia and Indonesia, the natural landscape in Singapore also accounts for good energies that draws prosperity and good fortune. While comparatively flat and compact, it also possesses its own natural undulations which generate great flows of energies, vital to the overall well-being of the country.


Topographically, Singapore sits in a basin where depositories of wealth pour into. While many terminologies have been given to Singapore, it is strikingly similar to the landforms that propel Hong Kong to her international standard of wealth accumulation.

From a Feng Shui point of view, Singapore could be viewed as a land of the Five Dragons.


The Central Dragon - Orchard, Bukit Timah

Nestled in the comfort of its heavenly den is the Central Dragon which is said to be the ‘reserve’ that the country is well-known for. Comfortably settled in the region where Bukit Timah originates, it makes its way to Orchard Central and is believed to rest its head guarding the precious pearl located in the current Mandarin Hotel. These attributes thus account for the demand and interests along the Bukit Timah stretch and the Orchard Road Belt. Moreover, the hills originating from Bukit Timah Hill and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are also said to contribute to the never-ending source of wealth.

The Western Dragon - Jurong, West Coast, Harbourfront, Telok Blangah

From the lush greenery of Jurong comes the Western Dragon that rouses its way along West Coast to Telok Blangah and guards its treasure at the Harbourfront area. The West Dragon is said to be one of peace and benevolence. As such, homes located in the West are noted for its academic excellence and harmony. Homes along the Western front include the prestigious sea front homes, which are receiving harmonious doses of advancement and progress.

The Southern Dragon - CBD, Vivocity, Mount Faber, Redhill

Where the Western Dragon rests, the Southern Dragon comes alive and straddles between Vivocity and the Central Business District (CBD). This is the Financial Dragon that drums up the necessary energies needed for a vibrant and active financial market. In addition, the Southern Dragon is said to provide the happiness needed for Singapore, thus the locations of the two casinos and theme parks are not surprisingly here. With the ample protection of Mount Faber and the areas around Redhill, these two formations account for more than half of the overall prime districts. Homes here are poised for wealth accumulation and abundance.

The Eastern Dragon - Tampines, Pasir Ris, Kembangan, Katong

The Eastern Dragon breathes life into homes along the highway. It then makes its way into the extremely lush areas in Katong before sending in a huge dose of good fortune into the Frankel and Kembangan areas. These are the highlights before it makes its way to the eastern end of island - Tampines and Pasir Ris. The Eastern Dragon brings growth, optimism and a sense of community bonding, which eventually leads to great abundance.

The Northern Dragon - Sengkang, Punggol, Woodlands

Flanking the North-East ridge, the Northern Dragon takes care of the region surrounding Sengkang and the waterfront of Punggol. From a sleepy enclave, the vibrancy of the North cannot be ignored. The Northern Dragon brings to it a sense of rejuvenation and self renewal. Twirling all the way past Woodlands and making its grand entrance near the Singapore Zoo and the Turf Club, it protects the natural reserves of Singapore. This Dragon is believed to offer the blessings of stability and continual progress. As such, you will find the Singapore Sports Institute and the American School thriving there.

Achieving Good Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom‘Bedroom Feng Shui’, if properly attuned to one’s needs and environment, can endow good fortune, health and harmony in the family. As a bedroom is where we spent huge portions of our lives and represents our personal healing nest, it is only natural for Bedroom Feng Shui to possess a determining impact on our daily lives. Therefore, taking good amounts of effort to invest in your own bedroom can prove to be very useful.

Mountains & Water

FengShuiSo what’s Feng Shui? In Chinese, Feng Shui refers to ‘wind’ and ‘water’. The concept of Feng Shui reaches back to Mother Nature where these theories were initially derived – an optimal balance of Qi between the Yin and Yang components. While Mountains symbolize sturdy and unwavering figures that make up the Yin aspect of nature, Water on the other hand, is dynamic and forms the Yang segment. As natural embodiments of earth’s natural energy, Mountains produce Qi that is diffused by wind and flows down to infuse and saturate its surroundings with positive energy. Water then accumulates this energy and in turn activates it.

Similarly, the same notion can be applied in Bedroom Feng Shui. Beds are the Yin component of the bedroom whereas doors are Yang.

The DOs and DON’Ts to Good Bedroom Feng Shui 

While ensuring good Bedroom Feng Shui is by no means an easy task, there are several basic guidelines that one can follow to reap potential benefits and avoid the general pitfalls. 

1. DO have your bed placed against a support of solid structure. 

Bed_wheelsLike how a mountain is rooted to a firm piece of land, it is important for the bed to be placed against a solid structure or simply, the walls of the room in order to enhance and retain the Yin. Likewise, a bed should not have wheels or uneven bed risers as it diminishes the stability of the bed. 

2. DON’T be concern with intangible factors. 

One misconception about Bedroom Feng Shui is the overemphasis of the bed’s material and color. On the contrary, such factors are of little importance and pose minute effects on the overall outcome of Feng Shui. It is, however, of greater magnitude for the bed to be well-suited to one’s likes and dislikes. Only a pleasing and comfortable bed can nurture a vigorous environment fit for resting and promoting good Qi flow.

 3. DO note that it is “Forms before Formulas”. 

Many tend to refer to their personal auspicious directions (formula) when it comes to choosing where the bed should face. However, this sometimes results in unacceptable situations like resting the bed against a window or leaving a gap from the wall. Forms before formulas is a general rule in Feng Shui which tells us that the basic structure and outline of the environment (form) should be observed first before incorporating various formulas in Feng Shui. 

4. DO have a regular bedroom shape. 

Bedrooms are ideally square or rectangular in shape. Such bedrooms allow for the Qi to flow regularly and evenly. Conversely, irregularly shaped rooms with slanted roofs and jagged walls cause disruptions in the Qi flow. 

5. DON’T sleep below beams. 

Bedroom_BeamsSleeping below beams causes the Qi to be redirected towards you, interrupting the Yin and Yang Qi cycle in the room. It would be wise to construct a false ceiling or simply avoid sleeping under beams.

 6. DO avoid poison arrows.

Poison arrows are wall corners of a large building. When poison arrows are angled towards you or your bedroom, it introduces Sha Qi or killing energies into the room. To mitigate the situation, place a plant or cabinet to block the view.

 7. DON’T place your bed across the door.

As mentioned, a bed is Yin and a door is Yang. Placing a Yin structure across the Yang door causes Qi entering the room to collide with the bed. The Yang movement of the Qi flow thus ‘infects’ the Yin-ness of the bed and reduces the stability as required.

Bedroom_view8. DO have a bedroom with a mountain view.

Though it is optional, a bedroom with a Mountain View can boosts the Bedroom Feng Shui indefinitely. As natural sources of Yin energy, the mountain adds support to the bedroom and strengthens the stability.