When the Three Killings(三煞) meet the Five Yellow(五黄)

This is one of the major afflictions that need our attention before the start of each New Year (4 Feb 2015) based on the Chinese Solar calendar.

In 2015, the Three Killings sector is located primarily at the West (247.6 to 292.5 degrees on the compass reading).

It is made up of three negative implications:

This is one of the major afflictions that


1. Robbery Killing(劫煞)leading to Financial Losses & Legal Affairs

2. Calamity Killing (災煞)leading to Mishaps, Accidents & Illnesses

3. Year Killing (年煞)leading to Setbacks & Loss of Confidence


Avoid noisy renovations, digging, drilling or foundation piling in the North sector of your home as this will 'rouse up and activate' the Three

Killings energies affecting the occupants at home.

It is also imperative to note that you should avoid sitting or working at long stretches with the West behind you as this will encourage theThree

Killings energies to 'creep up on you unknowingly'. Solution > Sit facing West and confront it.

It is also wrongly pointed out that all West facing homes are 'afflicted' by the Three Kllings. Remember, it is the sector, not the direction. Moreover,

if your home faces West, you will be safe facing it as long as you do not renovate that sector vigorously.


In 2015, to add to the woes at the West sector of the home as well as in the office, the ‘Five Yellow’ (五黄)a force so strong that no ordinary

folks could handle, happens to fall into the same sector. Imagine robbery, calamity and setbacks followed by misfortunes.


As a precaution, it has become more than a necessity to protect against these negative impact with a brand new pair of ‘Five Element Pagodas’ in the West location at home and in the office.