FENG SHUI balances one’s life and helps in achieving harmony within our homes and working spaces. It further suppresses negative energies and enhances positive QI (pronounced chi) leading to improved relationships, health, prosperity and overall well-being into our lives.


Below are some tested approaches for you to benefit from good FENG SHUI which can be effectively enhanced with the good aesthetics of colors, materials, lights and decors.


Using the simple approach of the Eight Mansions Theory, one will be able to tap his most favorable direction for enhancing friendship, love, romance, understanding, business partnership and mentor luck


With the help of the permutation of the Flying Stars mode, one can easily identify the afflicted areas within a home & cure it with simple applications of symbolic and elemental representations


The spectacular combination of one’s four pillars of destiny together with the Trinity of Luck spells results. When assigned to the good FENG SHUI of a person’s home and working space, money luck and prosperity can be activated with precision by moving water


Prevention of office politics and gaining support can be easily achieved with the help of symbolic FENG SHUI. The act of adorning one’s desk with symbolism is as powerful as the secrets to the success of the world’s richest men and as fashionable as the offices of the CEOs of the top conglomerates in the world.


The simple act of assigning a space within a home can make the difference between success and failure with the use of the San Yuan method. Directing a person to face, sit and sleep in a certain location and direction is akin to tapping his academic stardom. Enhancing the Northeast with a cluster of Earth energies is one way.