HOFS_GuanGongGuan-Di or Guan-Yu is one of two sworn brothers of Emperor Liu-Bei during the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265 CE).

Symbolizing absolute righteousness, loyalty & dignity, Guan-Gong as he’s affectionately known was well loved as the protector of honest commoners and businesses who encourages growth & prosperity.

No demon or evil spirits would venture close to a place where Guan-Gong ‘resides’ for fear of instant expulsion to the realms of hell. Anyone making a false statement or ill intentioned promises will be meted with a life of bad karma for such treachery.

Such is the esteem held in honor of Guan-Gong that he is often depicted to uphold justice and power over evil regardless of status & influence.

Guan-Gong is remembered on his birthday, the 13th day of the fifth Lunar Month and is often revered both at home & in offices as the guardian against negative energies, malicious competition & vile characters.