Pixiu Tai-Tsui (太岁) is a personification of the ruling year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Scientifically calculated against Jupiter’s orbital movement, this system revolves around a matrix of combinations pegged to the terrestrial stems (5 elements) & the earthly branches (12 zodiac). Traditionally, a pair of Pi-Xiu is installed to ‘appease’ Tai-Tsui with the double effect of inviting wealth.

According to the Institute of Theoretical Science, the Earth’s circular orbits viewed from the North around the Sun is similar to Jupiter’s on the same plane. While it takes a year for the Earth to go round the Sun, Jupiter takes twelve. This combination takes on a 60 year rotation & is aptly named the Grand Duke Jupiter.

From historical & astrological computations, the ruling year will invariably affect those crossing the path of this movement which is known to influence one’s fortune (or misfortune) for the year.

In 2010, the palace of the Grand Duke Jupiter is in the North-east (37.5 degrees to 52.5 degrees). One is thus advised against carrying out renovations for fear of ‘disturbing the earth’ instead of keeping the peace.

Several zodiacs are said to be in conflict and are advised to consult your neighborhood temples for advice while an equally respectful method is to observe a day of abstinence on his arrival & anniversary. Additionally, a symbolic pair of Pi-Xiu can be carried by the affected Zodiacs to the same effect of 'appeasing' the Tai-Tsui.

4th February 2010 at 0648 hours is the officiating time of the Grand Duke Jupiter’s arrival while 28th August 2010 marks his birthday.