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Knowing and understanding one’s Four Pillars of Destiny puts you right ahead of the competition.read on before you jump into conclusions; it is not purely governed by your year of birth. It is not as simple as being advised that folks born Dragons could take on a CEO’s job or that a Rat is best suited for graveyard shifts.

Your BAZI chart is derived from two elements each out of the four pillars that constitute your year, month, day and time of birth. This results in the cosmic energies that are prevalent and is unique to you.

BAZI recognizes energies represented through the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. As a result, these elements are then translated into the influences and interaction of your Wealth, Relationships, Health, Career, Character and much more. These five elements are further defined into polarities of YIN and YANG energies.

To understand and profile your character to fit a job that will propel you for advancement and enjoy at the same time, the first step is to understand what your Day Master or the day stem of your chart. This element will clearly define your potential which you can skew towards as well as your negative traits which you should make an effort to suppress.

yangfirewoodA YANG Wood person for example is straightforward, independent and determined. The downside to his inclinations would be rigid, tactless and conservative. Structured organizations where processes are required to see results would suit such a personality.

 A YANG Fire person is gregarious, spontaneous and sociable. They are, however, equally predictable and may be distant. They easily qualify for jobs that are of mass appeal as their sincerity, passion and generosity are magnets for success. Bill Gates is the sterling example of a YANG Fire person.

YIN Earth is full of ideas and resources. They are like the soil that provides growth of crops. Thus, they are generally soft and sensitive in their approach. They are usually looked upon as nurturing and kind yet unable to express their inner self. Barrack Obama is YIN Earth. A job that calls for teamwork is best.

Think of altruism, principles and resilience, you will end up with a YANG Metal personality. They are tough, hardworking and can withstand hardship. Action oriented, they will opt for relationships that are direct, straight-forward and without hidden agenda. Such people will fit into the military or an organization that thrives on strict rules and policies.

YIN Water personalities are intellectuals with the soft approaches. Martha Stewart is one example. They are creative and excel in communications. Intuitive with a quick wit, these folks are penetrating in their ideas and thoughts. However, they can be equally distracted, fickle and indecisive.

You will see that by way of this basic approach, much can be said of the compatibility between you and the kind of work that you seek. Perhaps you may have not noticed it till now, but have you wondered why certain positions are so elusive? With this understanding, you will be focusing and spending quality time in landing with the job that will provide you the right opportunities for your potentials.