HOFS wishes you success and happiness this Lunar New Year. As we cross over to the year of the Water Dragon on 4th February (立春) exactly 24 minutes past six in the evening, we shall officially welcome the Dragon into our lives.  

In the course of our talks, we have introduced to our audience the impact the year will have on the respective zodiac signs. This takes into account the year that one is born and will affect their social impact favorably or not, depending on the year they are born. Generally this means that the effect of the year shall bear influences on the people you will meet without vested interest, acquaintances and friends from afar who are not related and the occasional long-distance cousin who pops by once every two years. At work, they probably form the prospects or clients who touch and go after the deals.

Since this is the Dragon year, the Dog is said to ‘confront Tai-Sui’ while the Dragon ‘disturbs the peace of the ruling palace’. The Ox and the Goat are also said to ‘offend the ruling year’ making all four ‘Earth’ zodiacs to be adversely affected this year.

12_ZodiacPeople born in Dog years are believed to bear the brunt. However, if this is just the year that you are born in, then anything negative about this will likely to be changes relating to friends and general outlook in life. Movements are also possible, meaning you could experience shifting of homes, offices, jobs and preferences. Besides, people who are born in October (Dog month) will thus go through these challenges at work while those born between 7pm and 9pm shall bring about changes in habits.

In addition, the Ox is also said to have a ‘destruction’ relationship with the Dragon year. Thus, Ox folks will have to watch out for unfavorable outcomes and discomfort of dealing with people who do not form the ‘inner circles’ Confrontation and disagreement leading to a net loss in outcomes are to be expected.

Should you have a Rabbit in the year or are born in March and between the hours of 5am and 7am, the Dragon year is said to ‘harm’ you. This manifests into certain losses and may translate into robbery or theft if it is the year. If it is the affected hours, a scam or internal scheme to fleece you of your hard earned money exists. My advice is – avoid falling prey to sob stories and give out loans out of sympathy.

Roosters will do extremely well in attracting harmony that will result in money and wealth. The way to further enhance this is to invite the Golden Carriage of Wealth into your office or study desk this year. Pigs are superlative in their quest for abundance and relationships. To start 2012 right from the start, have the Pot of Gold in your living room area to invite the necessary. 

Do you have a Dragon, Dog, Ox or Goat in your chart? Then, carry the Tai-Sui Protection Amulet that will provide the required protection in all you do. 

Tigers and Horses may find their hopes and aspirations dimmed and should do things that will spur them into bursts of enthusiasm or be in the company of optimistic and crowded places. They can also invite the pair Forward Horse and the Upward Horse to ensure continuing success.

Rats and Monkey are expected to do well and may bring about better results with the introduction of the Ascending Dragon into their work places for added vitality this year.

Snakes should not speculate nor gamble and must avoid being intoxicated by alcohol, especially at night while Rabbits should not venture alone at night for fear of assaults and robbery.

As a gentle reminder, one should always protect the Southeast sector of the home and office by keeping it peaceful and free from vigorous activities. As an added precaution, display the RUYI Dragon Head Tortoise as the vital remedy against the deadly Five Yellow energies that lead to misfortunes and losses.