Bedroom‘Bedroom Feng Shui’, if properly attuned to one’s needs and environment, can endow good fortune, health and harmony in the family. As a bedroom is where we spent huge portions of our lives and represents our personal healing nest, it is only natural for Bedroom Feng Shui to possess a determining impact on our daily lives. Therefore, taking good amounts of effort to invest in your own bedroom can prove to be very useful.

Mountains & Water

FengShuiSo what’s Feng Shui? In Chinese, Feng Shui refers to ‘wind’ and ‘water’. The concept of Feng Shui reaches back to Mother Nature where these theories were initially derived – an optimal balance of Qi between the Yin and Yang components. While Mountains symbolize sturdy and unwavering figures that make up the Yin aspect of nature, Water on the other hand, is dynamic and forms the Yang segment. As natural embodiments of earth’s natural energy, Mountains produce Qi that is diffused by wind and flows down to infuse and saturate its surroundings with positive energy. Water then accumulates this energy and in turn activates it.

Similarly, the same notion can be applied in Bedroom Feng Shui. Beds are the Yin component of the bedroom whereas doors are Yang.

The DOs and DON’Ts to Good Bedroom Feng Shui 

While ensuring good Bedroom Feng Shui is by no means an easy task, there are several basic guidelines that one can follow to reap potential benefits and avoid the general pitfalls. 

1. DO have your bed placed against a support of solid structure. 

Bed_wheelsLike how a mountain is rooted to a firm piece of land, it is important for the bed to be placed against a solid structure or simply, the walls of the room in order to enhance and retain the Yin. Likewise, a bed should not have wheels or uneven bed risers as it diminishes the stability of the bed. 

2. DON’T be concern with intangible factors. 

One misconception about Bedroom Feng Shui is the overemphasis of the bed’s material and color. On the contrary, such factors are of little importance and pose minute effects on the overall outcome of Feng Shui. It is, however, of greater magnitude for the bed to be well-suited to one’s likes and dislikes. Only a pleasing and comfortable bed can nurture a vigorous environment fit for resting and promoting good Qi flow.

 3. DO note that it is “Forms before Formulas”. 

Many tend to refer to their personal auspicious directions (formula) when it comes to choosing where the bed should face. However, this sometimes results in unacceptable situations like resting the bed against a window or leaving a gap from the wall. Forms before formulas is a general rule in Feng Shui which tells us that the basic structure and outline of the environment (form) should be observed first before incorporating various formulas in Feng Shui. 

4. DO have a regular bedroom shape. 

Bedrooms are ideally square or rectangular in shape. Such bedrooms allow for the Qi to flow regularly and evenly. Conversely, irregularly shaped rooms with slanted roofs and jagged walls cause disruptions in the Qi flow. 

5. DON’T sleep below beams. 

Bedroom_BeamsSleeping below beams causes the Qi to be redirected towards you, interrupting the Yin and Yang Qi cycle in the room. It would be wise to construct a false ceiling or simply avoid sleeping under beams.

 6. DO avoid poison arrows.

Poison arrows are wall corners of a large building. When poison arrows are angled towards you or your bedroom, it introduces Sha Qi or killing energies into the room. To mitigate the situation, place a plant or cabinet to block the view.

 7. DON’T place your bed across the door.

As mentioned, a bed is Yin and a door is Yang. Placing a Yin structure across the Yang door causes Qi entering the room to collide with the bed. The Yang movement of the Qi flow thus ‘infects’ the Yin-ness of the bed and reduces the stability as required.

Bedroom_view8. DO have a bedroom with a mountain view.

Though it is optional, a bedroom with a Mountain View can boosts the Bedroom Feng Shui indefinitely. As natural sources of Yin energy, the mountain adds support to the bedroom and strengthens the stability.