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One of the commonly used date selection technique by many practitioners is the 12 Day Officer which analyzes the Monthly stars in order to determine the most suitable attributes and nature of a particular day.

The different Day Officers bring about tremendous impacts on our lives and, if properly understood, can be ultilised to attain success in one’s daily endeavors.

Amidst the modern fad over physical beauty and the notion of a perfect body weight, dieting has proved to be one of the cheapest, yet most painstaking solution. Apart from the rigorous regime you adhere to, there is also the completely arbitrary success rate. So how can one enjoy a successful diet? Before we use Date Selection to answer this question, let us first begin by understanding the 12 Day Officer System.

Each day of the month is governed or dominated by a ‘Governing Officer’. With 12 different officers in total, their unique characteristics determine the general nature of the day. The 12 Day Officers are:

  1. Establish 建日: This day is suitable for executing or starting an activity. It is however not a good day for funeral or burial.
  2. Remove 除日: Remove Day can be used to start demolition work on a building. Also applicable for cleansing and cleaning away of unwanted objects and elements in our life.
  3. Full 满日: It is the day to use if you want to have good returns. It is a good day for signing contracts and conduct official openings.
  4. Balance 平日: The Balance Day is suitable for activities that have a win-win outcome. It includes marriage, starting construction or commencing on a trip.
  5. Stable 定日: Also known as the Set Day, this is the day for activities where you want a long lasting outcome like marriage.
  6. Initiate 执日: It is suitable for starting a new project, accepting assignments or starting renovation works.
  7. Destruction 破日: Highly avoided for most activities. This day is usually for demolishing a building or structure.
  8. Danger 危日: Possessing an element of menace, it is not suitable for extreme activities that jeopardize one’s safety. It is considered auspicious due to the positive stars in such days.
  9. Success 成日: This day is imbued with positive energy and is suitable for most activities.
  10. Receive 收日: A day that you used to accept something. It is a good day to try to close a deal, ask for a raise and requesting favours from others.
  11. Open 开日: It is good for official openings and new businesses.
  12. Close 闭日: Overall, it is not a good day and you should not use it for any significant activity.


Dieting_pic3 Tips for Selecting an Auspicious Date to Start Dieting

  1. Avoid the Breaker Days
    The most obvious thing to do would be to avoid initiating your diet routine on a breaker day. Breaker days occur when the Year or Month Pillar of the day clashes with the Day Pillar. These days are often regarded as inauspicious and may bring about adverse effects on your diet.
  2. Choosing the Right Day Officers
    By and large, a Remove or Success day will do well for dieting. Remove days are excellent for getting rid of unwanted things, and thus benefits weight loss. Success days are generally auspicious dates and starting one’s diet on these days would amplify one’s chances to trim a good number of pounds. An important point to note here is to avoid starting diet on Danger or Receive Days. Danger days are usually responsible for potential health hazards and Receive days will only add on to your weight loss troubles.
  3. Making use of the clash
    Clashes signify losses. Though avoided in general, selecting a Remove or Success Day that also clashes with your personal Day Branch allows for a higher chance for successful diets.


Here is the Example


It is May 2012. Jayne is preparing for a date and has decided to go on a small diet. Her birthdate is 14 December 1983. Taking a look at Jayne’s Bazi Chart above, we can see that she is a Yang Fire (丙) Day Master with a Rat (子) Day Branch.

Now we know that Rat (子) clashes with Horse (午).


The selected date to start the diet for Jayne will be:

9th & 21st May : These are the dates with a Remove Day Officer and also contain a clash with Jayne’s day Branch. The Horse (午) from the Day Branch clashes with the Rat (子) from her personal day branch as seen above.

1st, 13th, 14th, 25th & 26th : These are the dates with a Month or Year Breaker, and thus should be avoided.

Do note that while the selected dates are suitable and beneficial to start one’s diet and achieve a higher successful rate, it does not mean that one can consume irrationally; successful dieting still relies on discipline and self-control.

Date selection techniques have long been established to be extremely useful in benefitting one’s lives. Learn to use them today, and benefit yourself for a lifetime. Stay tune for more updates about how you can use date selection to your advantages.

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