The realm of Classical Feng Shui is denoted by the Trinity factors: The Main Door, the Kitchen and the Bedroom. If you have read our previous article about good Bedroom Feng Shui, you will understand the importance of how different forms and structures can affect the Feng Shui of your house.

Aside from the Bedroom, the Kitchen also plays a major role in determining the overall Feng Shui of your house. Why is this so? The Kitchen is where we prepare the food we consume, thus the quality of Qi flow in the Kitchen would naturally affect the household. More than often, houses with Bad Kitchen Feng Shui result in adverse effects on the health and lifespan of the residents.

In order to achieve good Kitchen Feng Shui, the first step is to attain the correct forms for your Kitchen. Here are 5 DON'T(s) to give yourself a quick review of your own Kitchen Feng Shui.


1. DON’T Position the Kitchen in the Centre


The first thing you should lookout for is the location of the Kitchen. Of all places, the Kitchen should never be positioned in the centre of the house. The centre of the house is also known as the central palace, or the Heavenly Heart. It is the passive sector of the house, where the Qi flow is should be delicate and tranquil. A Kitchen, on the other hand, symbolizes a burning flame that clashes directly with the Heavenly Heart, creating volatility and uneasiness in the family.



2. DON’T Position the Stove next to Sink


It may seem convenient to have your sink right next to your stove, but this positioning actually forms a Fire (Stove) and Water (Sink) Clash. A Fire and Water Clash is destructive and affects the health and happiness of the family. To avoid this problem, make sure there is at least a gap of 1-2 feet between them or you can choose to place an island between the two to avert the clash.




3. DON’T Place the Stove on Island

03island_stoveA stove is meant to be stable and safe for cooking your food. Some households placed their stove in the island portion of the house. Though it may be aesthetically appealing, this exposes the stove to incoming Qi flow from all directions. Thus, the stability is compromised and the food you cooked will be affected. A quick solution to this problem would be to simply place it against a wall.




4. DON’T Place your Stove across the Kitchen door

Placing the stove across the Kitchen door renders collision against the Qi flow. Sometimes, the Qi flow is adulterated with Sha Qi that will then affect the stove itself. Consequently, the food and health of the family is affected. Move the stove to avoid this problem.






5. DON’T Position your Stove below a Beam

05stove_under_beamA beam is a sudden depression in the ceiling and causes a drastic variation in the Qi flow. Putting your stove below a place like this exposes it to this strange phenomenon and also affects your Kitchen Feng Shui. Move the stove somewhere else mitigate this issue.