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Water, is an indispensable feature that every Feng Shui enthusiast will make use of. Under the study of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we learned that the most basic method of tapping the good energies of water is to understand the Direct and Indirect Spirit Formula.

The Direct and Indirect Spirit represent two sides of a coin. The Direct Spirit represents the Yin cycle that absorbs positive Qi energy while the Indirect Spirit represents the Yang cycle that releases the positive Qi energy. Most practitioners make mistakes and ignore these fundamental rules, thus their water recommendations and placements bring about no real benefits or worst, adverse results.

It is  important to note that the Direct and Indirect ‘Spirit’ does not refer to real ghosts or poltergeists, it’s simply a translation from the Chinese text 正神 (Direct Spirit) and 零神 (Indirect Spirit).

Xuan Kong Feng Shui is heavily affected by the factor of timing. That is why, the suitable sectors for water placements vary according to what is known as the 3 Cycles and 9 Periods. The current period is Period 8 (2004-2024).


The above diagram is the typical Luo Shu. The concepts of Direct and Indirect Spirit Formula are initially derived from the Luo Shu. Since the current period is 8, the Direct Spirit is said to reside in the Northeast sector or palace. The Indirect Spirit is directly opposite and lies in the Southwest.


So how do we make use of this knowledge to enhance the placement of water features? It’s simple, all you have to remember is that water should always be placed in the residing location of Indirect Spirit. The reason is because water, like the Indirect Spirit, is Yang in nature. Both helps to stimulate the Qi in the sector and endow the property and its occupants with fortune and wealth.

The Indirect Spirit locations (water placement locations) for both Period 8 and Period 9 (which is all the way till 2044) will be:

  • Southwest
  • North
  • East
  • Southeast

If you know the flying stars of your home, you will know to place your water (eg. pond, fish tank) where there is good facing star in one of the above Indirect Spirit location. Should you need advise or recommendations, you can also check out our consultation services.