coverSelecting a property with good Feng Shui is one of the important things in our lives. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, one should always strive to procure a property that is free of Sha Qi and bad Feng Shui as it is probably going to be your home for the next few years, decades, or more. 

It’s probably common knowledge that most people love to purchase their property based on its proximity with buildings and facilities like a library or a train station. However, are these really the factors one should look out for in selecting a good property? What are some of the effects of choosing a property near such buildings? What are some of the things we should look out for when selecting a property?

In this article, the selection is focussed on the places and buildings around the property that you are selecting. (Note that this is not an exhaustive list of techique for selection) As we will soon find out, choosing your property close to social facilities may not always be the ideal criterion.

1. Neighbor - They impact your life

 neighbourObviously, the people living around you are going to affect the energy of your property. For instance, if there are several rowdy and notorious neighbors residing near the property, then it is definitely going to induce a negative impact on household. Avoid such property, and if possible, the neighborhood. 



2. Graveyard - Too much Yin

graveyardMany people jerk at the mere idea of living near a graveyard because they are afraid of being haunted by supernatural beings like ghosts and spirits. Graveyards usually possess strong Yin areas and are generally avoided as it is not good to be near such overly Yin places. Despite this, most cemeteries nowadays are generally beautiful and well maintained. They do not carry negative energy and thus do not affect the Feng Shui of the property. Any unfortunate experiences would probably be alluded to psychological effects rather than that of Feng Shui.



3. School - Too much Yang

schoolSome prefer to choose their houses next to their kids’ school. Schools have a vibrant and noisy atmosphere, thus they produce strong Yang energy. Many believe that Yang energy is good and beneficial for the household, but the truth is in the concept of Feng Shui, we never want too much of either, a balance of Yin and Yang energy is the scenario we are looking for. While living next to a school poses only minute effects on the overall Feng Shui of the property, it is still advisable to keep your distance as it may be disturbing for your sleep. 



4. Temple - Too much "Fire Qi"

 templeTemples and monasteries are considered sacred places and the embodiment of Fire Qi. You may have heard that living near to a temple produces widows, but is this true? Rather than producing widows, staying close to a temple leads to lonely lives. In other words, you will tend to find yourself alone with a solitary lifestyle. This is because people who reside in a temple are usually practitioners or hermits who seek to communicate a relationship with the higher powers of the universe and are not interested in human affairs. However, if Fire Qi is beneficial for your property, then a temple would do you well. If not, make use of Water element at your main door to mitigate the Fire Qi. 


5. Petrol Station - Too much "Fire Qi"

 petrolstationPetrol Station is represented by the element Fire. The thing to take note here is whether or not the property requires Fire, but this requires Xuan Kong calculations. Generally, a property close to a place with strong Fire element indicates loneliness and slow growth rate in the household. The solution here would be to use Water element at the main door as well. 




6. Monorail Lines - Produce "Sha Qi"

 mrtTrains are fast moving objects like that of cars of a highway. This creates the Piercing Merciless Sha which adversely affects the Feng Shui of the property. To determine whether the property is affected, check to see which sector it pierces into and if the station casts a shadow on it, thus blocking its Qi flow. Avoid buildings close to Monorail lines. 



7. Pedestrian Bridge - Blocking the Qi

 bridgePedestrian bridges are long and usually connected into a building. This symbolizes a piercing Qi that directs into the property. When it is not connected but close to your property, this bridge may also block the incoming Qi. Make sure if the bridge is present, it should not be too close or connected, so that it would not affect the property. 


In the upcoming articles, we will show you more advance techniques of selecting your property, do stay tune.

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