Due to its ability to make fast and accurate readings, Face Reading is slowly becoming one of the most popular arts in the modern age. Both the Bazi and Face Reading allow one to peer into the destiny of another. The difference lies in the fact that while Bazi is pre-determined or Early Heaven Destiny, Face Reading changes as a person grows, this is known as Later Heaven Destiny. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that mastering the art of Face Reading can provide a more specific and in depth analysis of a person’s life. With this being said, Later Heaven Destiny is still superseded by its Early counterpart and any analysis made should be based on close references to one’s Bazi.

Later Heaven Destiny is influenced by your decisions, actions, thinking and personality; it is what you do and what you don’t do. These are slowly reflected in your face (Face Reading) and palms (Palm Reading). However, do note that changes will be subtle and even if the facial features do alter, the bone structure will remain the same.

On the list of burning questions that people usually have for Face Readings is LOVE. Many females are extremely interested to find out more about “The One”. Will he be rich? Is he ambitious and capable? Will my marriage be fruitful and happy? Is he the right one? Well, you will find out for yourselves today.

One quick reminder for you ladies is that Face Reading for relationships can go both ways. First we will start with …

The FEMALE face:

The Nose

The female nose is also the Marriage Palace. When judging the nose, we look at its size. Of course, the size of a nose is subjective; the trick here is to make a verdict based on the size of her nose to the proportion of her face. For instance, if the lady’s face is relatively wide, then a bigger than average nose would be considered average size.

In Face Reading, we want a lady’s nose to be average size. The reason is because a large nose creates the ‘Lonely Mountain Formation’, indicating that the rest of her features are overwhelmed by the nose. Unfortunately, these women often lead a lonely life with no children in their offspring or may be even be troubled by financial difficulties.

Another important aspect to look out for in the nose is the bridge. A good nose bridge should be straight and charismatic as this denotes a multi-talented and capable husband. On top of this, if the nose is also fleshy and rounded at its tip, this means that the husband is not only talented, but also extremely wealthy!

________Woman with a good nose


The Eyes

There’s a saying that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. This applies to Face Reading as well. To tell whether a woman is happy in her relationship, all you need to do is to look into her eyes. Usually, sharp and clear eyes reveal a happy and blessed relationship, while the dark and gloomy ones are consistently worried and emotionally disturbed.


  Chloe Moretz with clear, defined eyes


Obviously, there are also certain features that can be used to tell whether a man would make a good husband.

The MALE face:

The Nose

The nose of a man is also his Wealth Palace. So for those of you who are looking for a wealthy husband, you have got to start by looking for someone with great wealth capacity. A good nose for a man is characterized by a straight and broad nose bridge with a rounded and fleshy tip. The nostril wings should be broad but at the same time, not visible or revealing when looked at from the front.

_____Jackie Chan and his famous Wealth Nose

Try to avoid man with a crooked nose! This person is probably sly and dishonest. Some men have good noses, which indicate a good wealth capacity, but visible nostrils also signify that they are spendthrift. In other words, all the wealth would be spent away! Lastly, avoid men with protruding nose hair. For reasons obvious, these men are definitely not well groomed, much less hygienic. It also means that he has barely enough wealth to spare for himself.

___________Man with a Crooked Nose

The nose bridge is like a measurement of the man’s self-esteem. A low nose bridge, coupled with downward growing eyebrow hair indicates a man with low confidence. Most ladies wouldn’t like the idea of a wimpy man, so try to look for someone with a high nose bridge.

____________Low and high nose bridge

Ladies should also look out for men with bumps on their noses, especially when they have upwards growing eyebrows. These men not only look fierce, but are also in reality very short tempered.

Lastly, avoid men with vertical lines running across his nose. This shows that he is probably incompatible with his spouse and has the likelihood of a relationship turning cold easily. 

The Lips

Men with thin lips represent habitual liars who not only spout lots of nonsense, but find it difficult to keep secrets as well. Beware of them!

The Forehead

A good forehead is high, broad and smooth. This indicates an ambitious man who will eventually attain power and influence in society. He is also likely to be intelligent and possess excellent problem solving skills. On the flipside, a high but bulging forehead belongs to lonely men with poor thinking skills.

________A high and broad forehead


The Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the heart of the men. A man with a kind and gentle heart has clear and slightly big eyes. Avoid men with sharp and piercing look eyes, they are said to be ruthless and cunning in personality.

____________Aaron and his baby cute eyes

While Face Reading can provide much insight into a man’s personality and reveal his potential as a prospective husband, one should also take time to understand him before making any conclusions or judgment.