FindingMrsRightAs important as it is for a woman to seek the perfect guy, men are equally concerned about marrying the right woman. Who wouldn’t want his wife to be an affectionate lover and a caring mother? Unfortunately, some men seem to have the trouble of truly understanding women, thus there are complains that their spouse changes drastically after marriage, or that they are completely different from when they were still dating. 


Now, wouldn’t it be nice, if you could grasp the personality of a woman simply by analyzing her facial features? Face Reading, as mentioned in our previous article, is able to provide predictions about a person’s personality and fortune based on his or her facial features. Just like how a lady can use Face Reading to find her ‘Mr Right’, the man too can find his Mrs Right.

Let’s look at the FEMALE face:

The Eyes

Don’t you just love those beautiful female Asian idols with their peerless and irresistible big eyes that just seem to melt you heart? Well here’s a warning for you, though big, watery eyes may be a turn on for many men, these also means that the girl can be an excessively emotional person. Big eyes usually denote peach blossom or romance luck in a person, but this also means she will tend to embrace her emotional side. If you are a man who would prefer someone with a more stable state of mind, then perhaps it is time to reconsider how much importance these big eyes are to you.

____Vicki Zhao with her big, watery eyes

On the other hand, ladies with droopy or downward slanting eyes are the domineering and possessive women who will have you on her radar at all times. Avoid these women, unless you tend to have a thing for such attention.

The Nose

The nose of a woman is her Marriage Palace. In other words, her nose represents you. If she has a good nose, it means her husband will also be fortunate and blessed. The first portion of the nose to look at is the nose bridge; a moderately high nose bridge denotes a capable and talented husband. Take note the nose bridge should not be too low or too high. A low nose bridge indicates an incompetent husband while an overly high one means the woman has a very dominant character. Most men would not like to be dominated or overpowered by their partner in a relationship so try to avoid women with such features. The next portion is the nose tip. We want a nose tip that is nicely rounded with fleshy nostrils that are not noticeable when viewed from the front. A rounded nose tip means the husband will enjoy great wealth and fortune, while fleshy nostrils that are not visible means her man can enjoy lots of money as well as amassing and keeping the wealth!

_____________A good nose

The Cheeks

Career-minded men would probably want to look for a woman who is able to support them and their work. How we tell whether a lady is supportive of her husband’s career is through her cheeks. A woman with fleshy cheeks is able to support her nose, and thus will be beneficial for her husband. In Face Reading, a lady with a good nose and fleshy cheeks is an ideal combination and any man will be able to reap good luck and fortune after marriage.

A high nose bridge, rounded tip & fleshy cheeks

 So while fleshy cheeks enhance the husband, bony cheeks does the exact opposite. Bony cheeks suppress their husbands, who are incapable and inept. As the nose represents the husband, bony cheeks clutches the nose and is a telltale sign of a overly-dominant woman who will ‘steal power from the husband’, so to speak.

The Forehead

The forehead generally determines the character of a woman. If you are looking for a lady who can act as a caring and sensitive companion in your life, then a rounded forehead is what you are looking for. On the other hand, a squared forehead indicates a woman with a powerful character. These women possess strong determination in life and often the decision makers in the relationship. While these are certainly not negative traits, they may not be who you want for housewife material.

Victoria-Beckham squareforehead
________Rounded forehead ____________Square forehead

The Chin

A round and fleshy chin indicates a woman who will be surrounded by filial descendants in her old age. In other words, it also means that her husband has been successful enough to be able to provide her with a good life. Thus, a woman with such a chin will also mean that it is lucky for the man.

_____Notice, her round and shapely chin