robertdowneyjrThe components of Later Heaven Destiny (后天命) are many, out of which, the most notable ones are Face Reading and Palm Reading. While much can be deduced from one’s facial features, the hands too hold many secrets to a person’s characteristics and destiny. 

Contrary to what most people believe, Palm Reading does not merely indicate the palm lines of your hands, it also includes the fingers. Furthermore, each finger represents a distinct set of qualities that are said to be more important than the palm lines as they possess a more crucial role in determining one’s ability to succeed.



From here on, we will be using different palm pictures to illustrate the various palm signs. You may use the one below as a reference.


1. The Venus Finger

The Venus Finger is also the thumb. Of the five fingers, the thumb is the most important. The length of the thumb would generally determine whether a person possess the basic qualities to succeed. The standard length of a thumb reaches the middle of the 3rd phalange of the index finger. If it exceeds this point, it is considered a long Venus Finger, vice versa. The Venue Finger represents one’s determination and decisiveness, both which are essential qualities for one to achieve his or her goals and dreams. A long thumb would mean a person is able to persevere through hardships and eventually realize his or her aspirations.

______Palm with long Venus Finger

On the other hand, a short one usually occurs in a person who is all talk and no action. These people tend to complain about how unappreciated their talents are when the problem truly lies within themselves. 

______Palm with short Venus Finger

The 1st phalange of the Venus Finger denotes willpower while the 2nd phalange represents logical thinking skills. A comparison between the two will easily allow you to find out about the person’s ability to actualize his intellect. For instance, a person with a longer 2nd phalange than the 1st would mean he is quick to think, but slow to act.

2. The Jupiter Finger

This finger is also known as the index finger or the Leadership Finger. Naturally, this would be the finger that determines a person’s leadership capacity and potential for authority and power. The standard length of the Jupiter Finger reaches the middle of the middle finger’s 1st phalange. If it lies below, it is considered a short index finger.

______Palm with long Jupiter Finger

People with a short Jupiter Finger usually have poor management skills and find it difficult to lead. They tend to be followers in most situations, if not; they tend to hold back on exercising the power to control others and will rarely abuse their authority. Moreover, a short Jupiter Finger coupled with a short little finger usually smells of cowardice, these people are timid in nature and are very unlikely to be successful.

Conversely, a long index finger that extends beyond the standard length does not indicate excellent leadership qualities. It means this person has a strong desire to lead and dominate, however, others may not wish to listen or obey.

Special Characteristics

a. Straight Jupiter Finger Leaning towards Saturn Finger


___Straight Jupiter Leaning towards Saturn


This person is a believer of faith and destiny. He believes in the existence of God and that everything in life is in God’s hands.

b. Jupiter Finger Separated from Saturn Finger

_____Jupiter Leaning away from Saturn


If the index finger is naturally separated from the middle finger when palm is slightly spread, this person is a freedom lover and will not tolerate oppression.

c. Crooked Jupiter Finger Leaning towards Saturn Finger

This person is most likely miserly, headstrong and stubborn. He or she is not easy to get along.

3. The Saturn Finger

The Saturn Finger is essentially the middle finger. This finger represents a person’s emotions, despondency and interest in the supernatural. When extending the fingers closely together, the Saturn Finger is considered long if it stands out significantly. This is a trait of loners, or simply people who dislikes company and prefer to be alone. He or she rejects the outside world and see no need in socializing. On the contrary, if the middle finger is the same length as the Jupiter Finger or the ring finger, it is considered short. These people are impulsive and have poor decision making skills. They enjoy the status quo and detest changes or learning about new things. Lacking determination, such people can hardly succeed in life.

Special Characteristics

a. Straight Saturn Finger

These people do well at controlling their emotions. When angered, they are able to quickly resume their calmness and handle situations in a clear state of mind.

b. Crooked Saturn Finger

_______Crooked Saturn to the left


Such a finger denotes emotional instability. These people are unable to control their emotions. He or she undergoes regular mood swings and are seemingly unpredictable.

4. The Apollo Finger

This is the ring finger. Also known as the finger of arts and appreciation. The Apollo Finger represents one’s natural talent for creativity, arts and aesthetics. The standard length of the Apollo Finger reaches the middle of the Saturn Finger’s 1st phalange. If is exceeds this point, it is considered to be a long finger. A long ring finger signifies outstanding creativity talents and an excellent judgment of aesthetics. These people are usually also vain and flamboyant. When coupled with a big and long Venus Finger, they are able to actualize their talents and make a fortune out of it.


_______Palm with long Apollo Finger

Unfortunately, those with a short Saturn Finger are no connoisseur and are unable to appreciate beauty. No matter how wealthy they become, their tastes do not improve.

Special Characteristics 

a. Apollo Finger Leaning towards Saturn Finger

______Apollo Leaning towards Saturn

 These people are headstrong and holds on to their own ideals, thus easily creating conflict with other people.

b. Apollo Finger Leaning towards Mercury Finger


_____Apollo Leaning towards Mercury


The Mercury Finger indicates one’s potential to do business. If the Apollo Finger lean towards the little finger, it means this person has the ability to generate income via his creativity talents and become successful.

5. The Mercury Finger

This is the last finger - the little finger. The little finger represents business, communication skills and science. The Mercury Finger is commonly found to be between the 1st and 2nd phalanges of the Apollo Finger.

____Palm with slightly long Mercury Finger

Long Mercury Finger people are excellent managers of their interpersonal relationships. They tend to be skeptical. When doing business, they intend to perform a full research and know that the other party is reliable before making a decision. Such a person will be able to make a fortune and be successful. The short Mercury Fingers are the exact opposite. They have a trusting character and are extremely amiable. They organize parties and drinking sessions, but when it comes to business dealings and investments, they only begin to doubt the nature of the other party’s reliability after some time. This usually leads to a retraction of any promises made and harms his or her credibility.

 Special Characteristics

a. Mercury Finger Leaning towards Apollo Finger

_____Mercury Leaning towards Apollo

This person is shy and caring in nature. He or she is willing to give love and expects the same in return from other people. This characteristic is commonly found in the females. Such a lady may be a strong figure in her workplace, but will purr and act coquettishly in front of her lover.

b. Mercury Finger Leaning away from Apollo Finger

____Mercury Leaning away from Apollo

This is a freedom lover and detests control. When coupled with the Jupiter Finger Separated from Saturn Finger characteristic, this person is arrogant and will never live under the control of other people.

Using what you learn above, can you analyse Robert Downey Jr's (aka Ironman) palm? Have Fun!