DATING. Yes, clinching a successful date is no easy task, much less to pick up your courage and ask him/her on one. In the past, marriages were determined by parents and their children had no jurisdiction in selecting their ideal partner or true love, so to speak. However, things have changed in the modern era and it is now possible to pursue the one we truly desire. Yet, people are still having troubles with dating. The answer to these problems is actually really simple – it’s all about the timing.

Since ancient times, Feng Shui masters have made use of the art of Personal Date Selection to aid them in their endeavors. By selecting the most auspicious date and the right timing, one can optimize his or her chances to ask someone out on a date. Below, we show you how you can work out your best date in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Avoid all the Breaker Days

The most obvious thing to do would be to avoid initiating your date on a breaker day. Breaker days occur when the Year or Month Pillar of the day clashes with the Day Pillar. These days are often regarded as inauspicious and may bring about adverse effects.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Day Officers

Search for a Success or Stable day. Success Day is the best day for you to conduct important activities as it is usually an auspicious date that indicates accomplishment. Ask him or her out on this day to increase your chances of receiving a yes. If for any reasons that you should miss the Success Days, your best alternative would be a Stable Day. Stable Days have favourable Qi for activities that are being set-up or pre-determined, thus these days would do you well to ask someone out on a date as well.  

Step 3: Making use of the combinations

When selecting a personal auspicious date, Feng Shui Masters will always look for days that create a combination between the Day Stem/Branch of the date with the Day Stem/Branch of the proposing party’s Bazi.


Day Stem Combinations Day Branch Combinations
stem_combi branch_combi


Step 4: Find your favorable hour

To find your favorable hours, simply strike out the hour period that clash with the Day Branch of the date. For instance, if 29th July 2012 is a Rabbit Day, avoid the Rooster Hour (Rabbit and Rooster clashes). The Rooster Hour is the time period between 5 to 7 pm.




It is June 2012. Rose is a student who has her eyes on a fellow schoolmate, Adam recently and would like to take things a little further by asking him out on a date. In order to find the perfect date and time to pop this question, she decides to use Personal Date Selection. Rose's birth date is 4th April 1990. Taking a look at her Bazi Chart below, we can see that she is a Yin Earth () Day Master with a Pig () Day Branch.



Knowing that Pig () combines with Tiger (),



The Right Date

10 & 22 June: These are the dates with a Success Day Officer and also contain a combination with Rose's day Branch. The Tiger () from the Day Branch combines with the Pig () from her personal day branch as seen above.

1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th & 30th: These are the dates with a Personal, Month or Year Breaker, and thus should be avoided. Unfortunately, the Stable days on this month also happens to be a Year Breaker, hence the Stable days have been avoided to prevent a clash.

The Right Time

Generally, there is no specific hour or minute for the right time unless advanced techniques are applied. However, the time period to be avoided for this day would be 3 to 5 pm (Monkey Hour) as this is the hour that clashes the day branch (Tiger).


If you want a successful date, don't wait. Start plotting your own almanac now and check when are your best days and timings to ask him/her out on a date!

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