Dark_alleyIt’s 3am. Somehow, you had to wake up at this moment, and you just can’t get back to sleep without a journey to the toilet. Outside, it’s pouring heavily and the weather is just freezing cold. As you walk down the corridor, you notice it … was it the mist or the light? It resembles a white figure and yet it wasn’t.

Curiously, you reach out to touch it but … it’s gone. It disappeared. As the chills took control, nature’s call was still supreme. You did your business, dashed back to bed and the memory stuck ever since.

Was it Ghosts or Hallucinations?



From a Feng Shui perspective, such occurrences can be alluded to certain Flying Star combinations. When the #2 and #5 stars fall into a certain area of the house, the area can be susceptible to unnatural occurrences (or the feeling of this) with an overly “Yin” situation. Residents, or people, tend to get peculiar vibes in these areas. This phenomenon is amplified based on the “Yin-ness” of the area. Places with overgrown trees and greeneries that prevent sunlight from entering as well as dark enclosed areas with no sunlight increase the "Yin" energy and makes a person feels indifferently.Dark_corridor1

Some remedies to alleviate the situation would be to enhance the “Yang” energy of the area. Keep the area clean, tidy and bright. Make sure there is sufficient sunlight entering.

(#2 and #5 are Flying Stars which can be the Annual, Month, Day or inherent stars in a House Chart. For example; in this month, with the Annual Star #2 and Month Star #5 in the North sector of the house/premise, do ensure this is not an area which is dark, enclosed and dirty)