Triple5-webOne of the most popularized Feng Shui systems is the Xuan Kong Flying Stars which is suited to the demands of our modern living. 

By plotting the Flying Stars on the sectors, one is able to obtain evaluations and predictions about the house and its residents.

 Out of the 9 Flying Stars, the #5 Star (5 Yellow Star) is often regarded as the most dangerous star.

In Feng Shui, the 5 Yellow star is known for its violent, malevolent and unpredictable nature. If invoked, this star can bring about negative consequences on par with that of catastrophes, terminal illnesses, accidents and serious financial problems.

While this star can be dangerous, at advanced levels, Feng Shui practitioners can take advantage of this star to manifest massive wealth, supreme authority and the utmost nobility.

This is because the 5 Yellow star is also known as the Emperor-producing star, symbolizing great power and fortune. But this can only be done with advance knowledge, precise techiques and extreme care. Therefore, one should always respect and not disturb this star at all times.


There are several days in October 2012 (the Dog month) when the year, month and day stars all happen to be #5 in the SOUTHEAST sector. These days of the triple #5 star combination are:

  • 12/10/12
  • 21/10/12
  • 30/10/12

This sector should be regarded as the most potentially dangerous area and one should avoid it at all cost, especially, if the Southeast sector or area happened to be your main door, kitchen or bedroom.

Ensure there are no renovations, constructions, or actions that will create movements & vibrations in this sector. Alternatively, this will probably be the perfect opporunity to take some time off and enjoy a getaway vacation.