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Sail-MarinaBay1While this situation is still comprehensible, the real trouble arrives when they are facing the ‘Feng Shui enthusiasts’. 
They tend to overwhelm their real estates agents with questions about the landforms, surroundings, buildings to the point of exhaustion.More often than not, real estate agents suffer at the hands of their clients who cannot seem to get enough of questioning every single inch and detail about the property.

You must be wondering when they are ever going to settle on the floor and unit itself.

Clearly, before you can select a unit, you have to decide on the floor. This is an important aspect of selecting a good property because different floors carry a different element which may either coincide or synchronise with you.

This method of floor selection is based on the He Tu (河图) technique. Only buildings of 3 or more floors make use of the He Tu.


Basic Floor Selection

Firstly, you require your Gua number and your Gua element (Click Here to check your Gua Number). After determining your Gua element, we now need to search for a floor that is either of the same element as you are, or one that grows your element.


The numbers highlighted in colors are the 9 possible Gua numbers (omit the 10) a person can have, each corresponding to its own element.

For example, if you are of the Gua number 1 or 6, your Gua element will be Water. Optimally, a Gua number of 1 or 6 would choose the 1st or 6th floor as they of the same element, or the 4th or 9th floor which are of the Metal element because Metal produces Water. If the building allows, any stories ending with a 1, 6, 4 and 9 are desirable too.

This is the simple way of selecting floor corresponding to your personal Gua number which only benefits to yourself and people of the same gua number. What if the entire family wants to be enhanced by the "Properous" Qi of the floor? Not many practitioners out there would know or practice this advance technique, and here is the secret:

Advance Floor Selection

A more advanced method of selecting an auspicious floor would be to understand the element of the period you are currently residing in.

According to the He Tu period (this is different from the Luo-Shu period of 20 years), from now till 2019, we are all living in the Wood Period. Thus, anyone staying on the "Wood" floors ending with 3 or 8 will be able to reap the current Properous Qi.

Simple? But not many people know about this. Therefore, regardless of the Personal Gua, you can choose the Wood floors of 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28, ...

Here is another tip - from 2020 to 2031, this is the He Tu Metal Period, so guess which floors will be the Prosperous floors? (check the above reference table)

Makng the right choice from the start is one of the key to success! Good Luck!