121212-1There are so much hype about 12.12.12, do you know that 13.12.12 is actually a better day for activation? 

2 of the most important activation are getting the "DUKE VIRTUE" and "DUKE REWARD" energies for 2013.


Here is what the energies can do for you:

1) DUKE VIRTUE star helps mitigate negative energies for 2013. Once you have activated this star at the right timing & location, you will sail through a smoother 2013.

2) DUKE REWARD star is to ensure a steady stream of income for 2013 when activated at the right timing & location.

Using the example of the floor plan:

  • The Duke Virtue is in the CENTRE (戊) sector
  • The Duke Reward is in the NORTH 2 (子) sector (352.6 - 7.5 degrees)

On 13.12.12, you can activate these stars in their respective locations by knocking, drilling, heavy cleaning or any activities that could create the movement of energies (动气).

There are various timings you can start these activities. 7-9 am, 9-11 am or 1-3 pm.

As this is a "Monkey" (申) day, it is not as suitable for people with "Tiger" (寅) in their destiny charts.

Get these done and enjoy a better 2013!