Make-a-wish It's the time of the year for Reflections and Resolutions. If you need a 'divine help' in making this a reality for 2013, then you will have to make use of an extremely special day to carry you through. 




Do Be Careful What You Wish For :)


This is when the Heavenly Wish Star (天愿) makes a presence (it only happens 6 to 7 times annually) when your wishes are granted in more ways than you can imagine.

Mark this day - 29th Dec 2012, as it is also the Heavenly Pardon Noble Star Day (天赦日) combined with the Heavenly Wish Star. The best timing is between 0001-0159 Hrs or if this is too early, between 1501-1659 Hrs.

On a rare occasion like this day, one should not waste the opportunity to make a wish, repent for mistakes, ask for forgiveness and connect to your inner hearts.

As this is the Wood Rat (甲子) day, it is especially good for people with Rat, Dragon, Monkey or Ox in their charts.