Snake201312th January 2013 marks the start of the 12th Lunar Month as we start to count down to the Lunar New Year on 10th  February 2013 (农历新年).

We observe the Arrival of Spring (立春)on 4th February 2013 which marks the official arrival of the Snake year. This makes it equally important to welcome the New Year’s energies on this day as we would celebrate the Lunar New Year.

As we leave behind the Dragon Year and start a new one with resolutions and promises, what has the past year done for you? Did it benefit you financially, emotionally and kept you in good health? If it did, wouldn’t you want to continue the winning streak and if it had been a stinker, wouldn’t you want to turn your fortunes around?

 steam_fire2To understand and maximize what the Snake year holds, let’s examine the elemental values of the Water over Fire (components of the Water Snake year) and make the best of what to avoid and take advantage of. 

One may liken the Water Snake year(癸巳)as ‘Mist over a Burning Flame’. In the study of the Five Elements Theory, this is yet another year of conflict, just more volatile and unpredictable. Imagine the way the vapor of rising water dissipates as fast as it appears and the underlying heat that keeps stirring. This point to situations of false starts and the emotional distress the year can bring with economic pressures.


On a personal front, one should be careful with places and activities involving water. February and May in particular are ‘danger zones’ for accidents to happen. Those born with Snake, Pig, Tiger and Monkey within their charts are most affected. You are advised to carry a ‘Tai-Sui and 5-Yellow Protection Amulets’ or display one at home, in the office or in the car to ‘pacify’ this affliction. November is also a potential period for conflicts at sea that is at the ‘center of the storm’ or disputes.



Coinciding with the Flying Star system with the year’s energies, the ‘danger spots’ are the Center of a space which is afflicted by the ‘Misfortunes Star’, the Southwest by the ‘Sickness Star’, the West by the "Discord Star" and the East by the ‘Conflict Star’. Be sure that you avoid major renovation, hacking, hammering and drilling at the center of your home and office in 2013. (Watch for the "Renovation Rules" chart in our Latest Tips)

If you are born in the Year of the Snake or the Month between May 6th and June 5th or between the Hours of 9am and 11am, you are said to have the Snake element in you and thus will affect you negatively in some aspects of your life. You should be prepared that you are likely to be loaded with responsibilities, experience health issues and mishandle relationships. To help you avert a serious consequence, carry the ‘Golden Combination’ always for better results.

People born in Pig years or the month between November 7th and December 6th or between the hours of 9pm and 11pm are said to be in ‘direct conflict’ with the Grand Duke. This causes disharmony, worries and a tendency to make silly mistakes. It is also imperative for all Pigs to carry the ‘Golden Combination’ to ‘lure away’ this threat.

Tigers and those of you born between February 4th and March 5th as well as those born in between the hours of 3am and 5am are also susceptible to potential accidents and fire-related incidents. While you are exposed to additional travelling opportunities, the dangers of losses and injuries incurred from these travels also increase. You are thus strongly advised to carry the ‘Wealth HULU’ wherever you go.

The Snake year also gives rise to another negative form involving the elements of Snake, Tiger and Monkey. This is the ‘Ungrateful Punishment’ that is also labeled the ‘Fire Penalty’. The result of this affecting people with any of these elements in their birth charts is the health challenge involving the heart, eyes, kidney and the danger of a stroke. On the emotional aspect, one may also experience a feeling of being ‘played out’ for a good deed done for someone else.

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Within threats lie the opportunities and 2013 is no less attractive. In fact, the start and turn of economic thrust will begin with the Year of the Water Snake and roll on for a good four years after. To prepare one-self, enhancing your personal luck and preventing the negative from working up is the key to your fortunes.

Knowing how to protect yourself, understanding your destiny path and identifying the right time to be at the right place will certainly put you in the most privileged position. Feng Shui your home and office to protect areas afflicted by the negative energies in 2013, have an analysis of your Destiny (八字)and be guided with a good tool in selecting good dates for important decisions are your critical ingredients for success and great rewards.

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