Your year of birth tells you more than just your age.

While it may not be accurate to assume that all born in Tiger years are brave or that those born Dragons are naturally charismatic, the interaction between your own zodiac and that of the Year of the Wood Horse 2014 does have its own implications.



If you are born in the Year of the Horse itself (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 etc.), then you are said to be in conflict with the Grand Duke.

Goat people, on the other hand, seem to be getting a better deal. How does it work out for your own ? Read about it and be guided to maximize what looks like a rocking good year.

2014 Horse

You may hear that 2014 is your ‘clash year’ or that you are in the ‘Grand Duke Palace’ and thus will be a tough year. Yes, there are some truths to that but here’s the good news.

There is the ‘Golden Lock’ star which brings you stellar financial gains and then, there is the ‘General' star that connects you to people with the right links to get you there in double quick time. This translates into financial returns and if you’re gainfully employed, pay increases, bonuses and commissions should continue to flow in if you work hard and deploy your plans well. This also means that 2014 is a time for you to pick up bargain investments and if you are not into it, it’s time to pick up new investing skills.

Having said this, be prepared to be thrown off the tracks from time to time and so, watch out for February, June and November when things may not happen the way you like them. Keep an open mind and accept the bumps while looking out for people who are offering a helping hand. If things get out of hand, deploy the Trio of the NOBLE GOAT, TIGER & DOG on your work desk.

The exuberance of 2014 between April and September may also create rifts in your relationships with loved ones and close friends. Your anxiety and need for instant changes can drive people nuts. Moderate your goals and remember that you will still need your support from these same people.






Wealth can come from the most unlikely sources. While the bonuses and pay rise are expected, you will be in line for that extra pay-out. 2014 also favors entrepreneurs who have put in their faith in product innovations and service standards. In addition, ‘indirect wealth’ can materialize in March and the last two months of 2014. Carry the WINNING STRIDE and JADE GOAT to expedite your wishes.


Fluctuations in the year can cause you lots of uncertainty and your impatience can lead to mental blocks and unnecessary worries. Moreover, one has to take care of injuries from cuts and accidents when on the road. Avoid the mountain hikes and parasailing holidays especially if you are travelling between August and November. For your personal safety, bring along the TRINITY OF LUCK at all times.


There seems to be an unexpected force in your work area, business circles or your industry to edge you out of competition. This could also be policy-driven factors beyond your control. Whatever it is, scale down your performance indicators for 2014 and you’ll be happier achieving smaller but more frequent successes. WEALTH TIAN-LU on your study desk will surely spur outstanding outcomes.


Triple Punishment Star upsets your dealing with people. Be tolerant of family members especially an elderly folk who may not be able to keep up with your pace. Married Horses are on a collision course with their loved ones and are advised to keep their cool when handling matters involving extended families and close friends. Singles, on the other hand, will find life drained of the attention they have been used to. Males Horses born 1966 have to grapple with the law if they are not careful while female Horses born 1978 may charge straight into a love triangle if they keep poking their noses everywhere. Let the PEONY OF LOVE lead you out of the dark.

2014 Goat

After years of dark clouds, the skies are clearing up just for you in 2014. The power of the Grand Duke Combination cannot be underestimated as it pulls in what is divinely possible. Business prospects, career promotions, relationships and financial matters will feature in your favor while your neighbors wonder how. To keep rumors and gossips at bay, display the HEAVENLY HORSE to double up your fortunes. If you do not allow your past and pride to get in the way, 2014 will be stellar for you.

In spite of your winning streak, Goats have to contend with their emotional consideration for others. The trick is not to be too attached to things and people. The Horse year could also attract you lots of admirers and competitors hiding in the bushes. Goats born 1967, especially the females, will experience a false sense of security and should buffer for disappointments in areas of career and business during mid-year. Males born 1979 must be aware of partnership deals that sound too good to be true. Do not fall for quick-rich schemes.

Given your sensitivity, relationships can be a mixed bag of fortunes. While there are chances of people who are influential enough to lift you out of financial troubles, you tend to turn away good offers due to prejudice against groups that you suspect. Family matters are also a matter of concern as Goats across the board get carried away with unwanted liaisons and friendship that can strain a good marriage. Moreover, Goats have to be sensitive towards children’s need for attention.






Lapses are expected but the overall bottom-line is positive. 2014 can bring you good value in big ticket items and investments. You can forget about the casino visits as it is not consistent with your ‘windfall luck’ but when it comes to small bets and occasional mahjong game, you can expect some happy moments. To improve on your financial luck, always have with you the WINNING STRIDE.


There is a thing call a ‘blind spot’ and this will be your problem in the Horse year. In reality, it could be a mix of carelessness and ignorance that will lead you to miss the vital signs. The 1955 Goats should watch out for that heart and eyes issue while the rest of you must exercise extra care when you are on the road as a driver or road user. You should note that May to July are months that can lead to accidents and so as to circumvent this, visit the dentist or donate blood as a precaution. In addition, you should display the HEALTH HULU by your bedside.


Brand yourself personally whether you are working or running your own business. This year presents the greatest opportunity to make your mark for future opportunities even when you leave employment. As such, the way to do this is to market yourself differently from the market and where possible, sharpen your existing expertise or add a new skill to your portfolio. Promotions and pay increases are realities but you should prepare for long-term prospects of marketing yourself to other suitors. You could seal this with the trio of NOBLE  RABBIT, PIG and HORSE on your work desk.


Single female born 1991 must not fall prey to sweet talkers who could ruin your love life with promiscuous habits. Those born in 1967 are also very prone to flattery and fall into friendship that could lead to unhealthy bonds. Married folks are advised to hold their feelings and assess what is proper conduct before they bring troubles home. If you are or have a family member who is a Goat, display the VASE OF TRANQUILITY in the living room for peace and harmony.

The 'Sky Horse' star speeds up results for Monkeys in 2014. Coupled with travelling, your opportunities for new markets and new contacts grow exponentially. This can result in good finances only if you concentrate on making your career and your business grow. Another condition for success is for you to remain true and faithful to the cause of your work. If you are a service provider, offer your expertise, time and efforts. If you market a product, never cut corners.

The right thing for you to do this year is to get into focus groups and concentrate on product development or service upgrades. Business people should also invest time, money and efforts into research and development. 2014 is a good time for expansion, both personally and as a business.

The 1968 females could be at a crossroad between running her business and continuing work. This is a good year for you to strike it out.

Males born the same year may not have that opportunities and should continue his career but chances for a shift to a better company exists. The 1980 Monkey could run into financial problems if they are not careful in money matters. You should not listen to tips and borrow to blow you hard earned money into risky investments and partnerships.Ladies born in 1992 are gullible to be lured into promises of glamour and fame if they compare notes with their well-off friends.

2014 Monkey

In all, Monkeys are prone to being led astray and being cheated. Do yourself a favor by displaying the

DEFINITE ACHIEVEMENT in the living room to prevent con artists.


It’s a year of direct wealth and so, you need not hope for easy money. Money needs to be properly planned as you will meets bumps in months of February, May, June, August and October. Do not waste money on lotteries and visit to the games centers will result in negative returns. To help curb the loss of money, always carry the DRAGON VIRTUE.


An elderly person at home needs quality time and monitoring of their health this year. On your own account, do not allow stress and your temper overrule the situations. Take extra care when you are on the roads or driving at night as you are subject to distractions that can cause accidents. Handling of machines and heavy equipment are also a source of concern as any distraction can lead to unfavorable consequences. Display the HEMATITE TORTOISE PAIR by your bedside.


The results may not commensurate with the amount of work you put in and you will all feel that sense of injustice as your colleagues are rewarded with fatter bonuses. Remain calm and you will end up with a better deal at year’s end. Impulsive behavior at work will be the cause of the end of your career if you are not careful. Moreover, careless execution could cause huge losses for your company and you may even land in legal suits. Businessmen, especially the 1956 Monkeys, are advised not to renege on contracts and promises as this could cost them dearly. Use the trio of NOBLE RAT, DRAGON,  SNAKE to alleviate this problem.


Expect some heart aches, especially females born 1968 and 1980. Financial troubles could be one source but if you look deep, your own mischief could have caught up with you. To make things worse, family members are not on your side. Most Monkeys will have a problem with colleagues and business partners over work matters and are advised to be open for an amicable solution or the matter could be long drawn and tiring for all. Smoothen out your troubles with the LIU-LI MYSTIC KNOT on your bedside table.

2014 Rooster

Money through wisdom and clear thoughts will be the highlight for Rooster in 2014. It is also a year for great relationships, joint ventures and progress in life. The Moon Star shines on you with benevolence and your image as an individual will look better than any time before. With this, Noble Help from people of influence, status and official standings will be there for you when you need them.

Keep your intentions and decisions grounded and do not be influenced by close friends and family members into an investment or deal that you are uncomfortable with. Learn to say ‘No’. This can be helped with the GUARDIAN ROOSTER on your work desk all the time.

This is the year to advertise your talents and showcase your social skills. The lost opportunities that slipped past the last two years are revisiting you and you must take hold of this time to make a breakthrough if you are seeking for higher office, a promotion or a business stake.

The 'Hook Spirit' star can cause you confusion and plunge you into panic decision which will surely result in negative results. You have to be wary of a man in his 40s who is intent on cornering you into a deal or parting with your money through a deal, franchise or investment. Separate your personal relationship from that of a business or official one or you may end up compromising on your own values and dignity.






Money is good if you are able to derive them in a systematic and methodical approach to a good plan. For example, if you are up for a promotion interview, prepare yourself and justify the raise you are asking for. Business folks will also be in line for big projects and clients who would expect nothing less than the most professional approach from you. To enhance these efforts, display the NOBLE SERIES OF SNAKE, OX, and DRAGON on your work table.


There are no imminent dangers or red flag in terms of health. However, the threat is your emotional state where too many people are bothering you with their own problems. Try and off-load others’ problems and take occasional holidays to recharge. Another issue is your throat and the food intake when you travel that you must be careful with. Those born 1957 should go for their medical exams as they are the most unstable amongst all. All Roosters should display the OBSIDIAN HULU by their bedside.


Professionally, it is a time for you to consolidate your position in the company especially for those born 1969. If you are in business, it may be a good idea to expand through a franchise, joint venture or a total cash-out. All Roosters should be aware of politicking that innocently starts with a casual remark. You are advised not to participate in any of these pantry talks and keep out of the gossip machines. Roosters need the CELESTIAL PROSPERITY DRAGON to keep competitors at bay.


Singles are in for a swinging good time if they are ready for a relationship. Opportunities arise from afar, which means that one has to look out for that overseas visitor or an unexpected guest. Your social dealings with people, however, are cordial and you could even benefit financially if you listen enough. Let the CRIMSON PHOENIX STATUE liberate the positive energies for you.

2014 Dog

Two intellectual stars, 'Earth Relief' and 'Elegant Seal', cranks up your reasoning powers and analytical skills. It is not about how educated one is but how well you deal with life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities that count for success. 2014 presents its fair share of chances that only those born in Dog years know how to convert into useful benefits. In addition, all points to your connection with improved conditions at work and business that will boost your bottom line.

The 1958 males should find their way towards a better and much more stable work commitment that will ensure their continuity at work for several more years. The younger 1970 Dog should now be seriously looking towards opportunities to redesign their employability and upgrade their skills.

Females born 1970 and 1982 must be extra careful when dealing with documents and representing the company they work for. The months of March and June are times that you are prone to legal issues that may involve contractual assignments with suppliers and clients alike. As such, you need to be careful with paperwork.

Unfortunately, the rest are not spared if there are some legal documents that they may need to be part of or involve as a party. To mitigate this obvious and impending problem, have the BLESSINGS to watch over your moves.







Travel and you make more money. Your finance also improves and equates with the quality of work you put in. The way to manage it therefore lies in pacing out your work and being visible when you are being appraised or evaluated. Your clear thoughts should put you in places where the bosses are when you are performing. To increase your presence and improve your chances for some windfall money luck, carry the INDIRECT WEALTH with you.


While it seems all is fine, you will need to take care of your respiratory and throat problems seriously if they arise. Injuries seem to be centered on your limbs and accidents may occur if you are exposed to road travels and cutting machineries. If you are working in an industrial area, observe safety rules especially with heights. November and December are months to be extra vigilant. Meanwhile, one should have the HEALTH HULU by the bedside for added security.


You should not be thrown off-course by curt remarks from you colleagues or even your bosses over your performance. This is not the time to over-react and be sensitive as it may lead you to a rash decision – and the end of your career. Practice tolerance and turn a deaf ear to the gossips and rumors in the office. The 1994 Dog will have to take in the worst of treatment and office politics but will come out triumphant if you can last the first six months of the year. Anchor your position with the NOBLE TIGER, HORSE and RABBIT on your work desk.


Singles born 1982 and 1994 will enjoy a great following of suitors this year. For those already in a relationship, marriage proposals could be on the cards. Preparation is important but you have to seize the moment and this is a good year to take charge of your life. Married folks will also enjoy great family ties and are encouraged to improve on this bond with short breaks and holidays with the family. Whatever your status, ETERNAL UNION is a bonus for a happy family.

2014 Pig

It is a rather fortunate year for Pigs in 2014. Have faith that things, however bad it may seem, will be mitigated and even turn its tide to become favorable to you. If you do not take people and things for granted, this year will surely bring you enough goodies to celebrate.

Another thing to celebrate is that your relationships will be turning the corner and misunderstandings of the past may even be mending their way back. For singles born in 1983 and 1995, opportunities are great for you to socialize and find suitable partners who can take you into a serious part of life. To make that happen, you will need to keep an open mind towards people of your choice and you could literally increase your chances by having the WISDOM OWL and carrying the TRINITY OF LUCK with you at all times.

It is time for you to draw up a plan with a time-line and execute to achieve your goals this year as they are within grasp if you practice visualizing your success while maintaining a positive outlook. The problem is that once you achieve something, you want more and will start to expect unrealistic results. Moderation is crucial and toast to every small success.

While it may be a busy year full with schedules and travels, do not neglect your own well-being. Health-wise, you must look into problems involving fatigue and head troubles. Another concern is that an elderly person at home may be facing a health issue of his own and you should monitor and spend time to add to their comfort.






If you could curb your extravagant expense, this year will certainly bring in a lot more money than you imagine. The Lesser Consumer star creates situations of unwarranted spending such as a car accident, a new handbag or an extra holiday. Opportunities for indirect wealth are also strong and you may find yourself lucky in months of March, June, July and October. Pigs who are risk takers will also find returns welcoming from investments and gaming. To multiply this luck, have the TIGER OF FULFILMENT on your work table.


Over working and late nights could lead to poor blood circulation and loss of concentration. Constant travels could also add to your problems. Take enough rest and supplements to make up for extra efforts you put in. In addition, a healthy lifestyle with improved diet, exercise and proper meal times will bring about better performances. Have the HEMATITE TORTOISE PAIR by your bedside and bring it along your travels for added protection.


The awards are there for you to claim and work performances are at your peak. While you are delivering your best, do not forget that input of new ideas and skills are equally necessary. Taking short courses and workshops not only add to your abilities but have an added advantage of getting you new social circles. The trio of NOBLE RABBIT, GOAT and TIGER will complete the career advantage you’ve been waiting for.


Monthly Virtue is a powerful influence over your relationship matters. Besides the romantic opportunities, your likeability factor turns up a few notches whereby your interaction with your bosses, suppliers and clients will be stellar. Your connection and dealings will surely impress your superiors and this may result in more responsibilities. Take them anyway. 2014 is a year to consolidate your position and from here you may be the one that takes pole position in our department. Boost your chances by having the ABUNDANCE IN HAPPINESS on your work desk or in your bedroom.