2017 Book of Favourable Days - Feng Shui Book Launch


Auspicious Wedding Dates, Moving In Dates, Renovations, and even days to starting a Diet are now at your fingertips.

This 2017 Chinese Almanac allows you to pick the best between December 2016 and January 2018. It's easy and concise Day-to-Day reference for all your important activities calculated to suit individual references.

Predictions for the 12 zodiac and the Feng Shui for the year are also packed into this much. I have decided not to have this on the bookstore shelves and take in only orders through individual sales.

Retailing at S$24.00 per copy, Singapore orders need to add S$4.00 for local postage. Mailing starts 18 November 2016. Weighs 200 gm and measures A5 (210 x 148 mm).

Contact us for orders.

Mobile Apps

2015 Year Of Goat

apps-zodiacHouse of Fengshui presents Zodiac prediction app for the year 2015. 

Take a peek at what lies for you in the year of goat now!




FengShui Daily Forecast iPhone App

apps-dailyFind the most auspicious date and time for your major events such as wedding, travelling, moving house, or signing contract!

Dating back to the earliest dynastic China, it is believed that the choice of dates accounts for the success and positive results of many daily ventures. As such, the Chinese Almanac, which compiles about everything ‘Chinese’ is revered in every household, regardless of whether one understands its contents and intent. 


 With Feng Shui Daily Forecast app, you can:

• Search for Good Dates for Important Events
• View Daily General Outlook 
• View Daily Chinese Zodiac Clash 
• View Daily Suitable Activities 
• View Daily Unsuitable Activities 
• View Hourly Luck Forecast 
• View Daily Directions for Nobleman, Wealth and Happiness
• View 3/6 Harmony
• Switch between Chinese and English

** Download the app now to get a one-month calendar free. You can purchase for more if you find it useful.
** Please note that the Chinese Zodiac Sign in this app is based on the start of Spring (立春) according to the Chinese Solar Calendar that coincides with 4th Feb of the Western Calendar every year (with a variance of 1 or 2 days on rare occurrence). 



• 择日 
• 每日好坏体现 
• 每日生肖相冲 
• 每日宜忌 
• 凶吉时 

** 請下載擇日曆iPhone應用程序便可獲取一個月免費的試用。您也可以通過AppStore預訂接下來幾個月的擇日曆。 
** 此應用程序的中國生肖是根據中國陽曆的立春即西曆的2月4號(有1或2天的差距,但這種情況很罕見)。

2015 iPad Feng Shui Calendar

apps-2015calDating back to the earliest dynastic China, it is believed that the choice of dates accounts for the success and positive results of many daily ventures. As such, the Chinese Almanac, which compiles about everything ‘Chinese’ is revered in every household, regardless of whether one understands its contents and intent. You can now create the best luck by finding auspicious dates for your important events such as weddings, travelling, shifting homes, business openings and many more.




• Search for Good Dates
• Daily General Outlook
• Daily Chinese Zodiac Clash
• Daily Suitable Activities
• Daily Unsuitable Activities
• Hourly Luck Forecast

2015 Chinese Almanac Calendar is free to download and use. Upgrading option is available to unlock more features.



• 择日
• 每日好坏体现
• 每日生肖相冲
• 每日宜忌
• 凶吉时


Double Whammy at the West in 2015

When the Three Killings(三煞) meet the Five Yellow(五黄)

This is one of the major afflictions that need our attention before the start of each New Year (4 Feb 2015) based on the Chinese Solar calendar.

In 2015, the Three Killings sector is located primarily at the West (247.6 to 292.5 degrees on the compass reading).

It is made up of three negative implications:

This is one of the major afflictions that


1. Robbery Killing(劫煞)leading to Financial Losses & Legal Affairs

2. Calamity Killing (災煞)leading to Mishaps, Accidents & Illnesses

3. Year Killing (年煞)leading to Setbacks & Loss of Confidence


Avoid noisy renovations, digging, drilling or foundation piling in the North sector of your home as this will 'rouse up and activate' the Three

Killings energies affecting the occupants at home.

It is also imperative to note that you should avoid sitting or working at long stretches with the West behind you as this will encourage theThree

Killings energies to 'creep up on you unknowingly'. Solution > Sit facing West and confront it.

It is also wrongly pointed out that all West facing homes are 'afflicted' by the Three Kllings. Remember, it is the sector, not the direction. Moreover,

if your home faces West, you will be safe facing it as long as you do not renovate that sector vigorously.


In 2015, to add to the woes at the West sector of the home as well as in the office, the ‘Five Yellow’ (五黄)a force so strong that no ordinary

folks could handle, happens to fall into the same sector. Imagine robbery, calamity and setbacks followed by misfortunes.


As a precaution, it has become more than a necessity to protect against these negative impact with a brand new pair of ‘Five Element Pagodas’ in the West location at home and in the office.


The Grand Duke 2015

Handling the threats posed by Tai-Sui (太岁)

The Grand Duke is a personification of a location that is believed to be ruled and commanded over by a presiding ‘God’. In 2015, this sector is the Southwest 1 which falls between 202.6 and 217.5 degrees on the compass.

What happens when you are careless and take no heed in keeping the peace of this location, or better known as a ‘Palace’? The wrath of the presiding ‘God’ is something no one would venture to risk.

It is said that if one ‘disturbs’ the peace of this location in that year will be confronted with setbacks, mishaps and accidents.

First, you will need to identify the location of the Grand Duke in 2015 which incidentally exerts its presence by the time Winter Solstice of 2014 kicks in. One needs to be aware that this applies from the morning hour of 0702 hours on 22nd December 2014.

At home, one must avoid provoking the negative impact of the energies of the Grand Duke exert on its occupants. Very importantly, do not carry out any renovations which include ground digging extended out to the garden.

At work, identifying the Southwest 1 sector will prepare you with enough information in pre-empting failures and frustrations.Try and spendless time in these afflicted areas and if you are in charge or capable of doing some shifting around, try and minimise the usage there.

Should all else fail and you want to be assured of certain protection, then discreetly place a pair of new ‘Five Element Pagoda’ together with apair of ‘Protection Pi-Xiu’ in this location at home and in the office.

Another tip is, sit with the Southwest behind you (face Northeast) to tap into the backing of the Grand Duke which will greatly enhance your authority, control and results.