HOFS started in 1999 as a retailer specializing in quality and exquisite FENG SHUI products and services.

We have since grown into a household name in offering the best and most competitive representations of any FENG SHUI resource in the world.

Our aim is to connect an age-old traditional wisdom that enhances lives and changes destinies within our dynamic modern day life-style. Our aesthetic approach towards product merchandising has given us an almost holistic status by drawing out the subtleness from everyday images around us.

Working closely with our partners over the years, HOFS has forged strong bonds that emphasise on quality and customer satisfaction over profits.

We are committed to design products that will not only enhance your living environment but to add value to your home and lives which will bring you wealth, good health, love, harmony and much more than just a conversation piece.

Enjoy while we strive to offer you all the opportunities in your quest for a harmonious environment through simple yet effective FENG SHUI applications which are rich in heritage and history, not mentioning the fun you will have while practicing it.

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